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American Airlines Passenger Who Jumped On Beverage Cart and Shoved Flight Attendant Dodges Jail Sentence

American Airlines Passenger Who Jumped On Beverage Cart and Shoved Flight Attendant Dodges Jail Sentence

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An unruly passenger aboard an American Airlines flight who jumped on a beverage cart, shoved a flight attendant and ended up being restrained by a group of Marines has managed to escape a jail sentence after a Montana court instead slapped him with three years of probation.

Adam Alexander Williams, 33 of Auburn, Washington pleaded guilty to interfering with flight crew but has only just been sentenced following the bizarre incident aboard the American Airlines flight from Seattle to Charlotte in January 2022.

Interfering with flight crew carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment plus a $25,000 fine, but Williams has avoided jail and will instead spend the next three years on probation. He has also been ordered to pay $14,500 restitution to American Airlines.

According to court documents, Williams’ behavior “turned erratic and escalated” shortly after takeoff as he started to shout profanities. Sitting in the window seat, Williams managed to leap over his two seatmates and launched himself ontop of a beverage cart that a flight attendant was pushing down the aisle.

He allegedly pushed one of the flight attendants into a seat and ran down the aisle. Witnesses said one of the flight attendants appeared distressed and traumatized but another crew member managed to calm Williams down for a short period.

Within just 10 minutes, Williams was again shouting obscenities, and a group of Marines who happened to be on the plane helped to restrain him while the Captain diverted the aircraft to Billings where he was removed by law enforcement.

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