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Boris Johnson Flies Home From the Caribbean in British Airways Economy Class in Race For Downing Street

Boris Johnson Flies Home From the Caribbean in British Airways Economy Class in Race For Downing Street

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Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been pictured flying in Economy Class on a long-haul British Airways flight to London as he races back to the UK in a bid to win back his old job.

Johnson had been holidaying in the Dominican Republic when the Liz Truss administration imploded earlier this week, and sources claim he has been weighing up whether he has enough support from Tory party MPs to enter the Prime Ministerial race.

The 58-year-old politician was spotted by journalists who had also booked tickets to travel on British Airways flight BA2156 from Punta Cana to London Gatwick with a short stop in Antigua.

Johnson is travelling with his wife Carrie Johnson and children in Economy Class on the eight-and-a-half-hour flight back from the Caribbean. The former journalist and author is said to be worth around £1.67 million.

Sky News journalist Michael Herd said Johnson boarded the plane before anyone else, but when other passengers realised he was travelling on their flight, there was a mixed reaction with some people booing the former Prime Minister.

“He’s in a suit, his head forward, deep in thought, but moments before that one of his children was climbing on top of him – a family coming back from their holidays,” Herd reported.

Johnson had been enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean as Liz Truss spectacularly resigned after just 44 days in office and just six weeks after he left Downing Street for what was meant to be the final time.

It’s not known whether Johnson cut short his holiday to get back to London, but his supporters are hoping he will join the race to win back his old job. Candidates need the backing of at least 100 MPs, and Johnson isn’t expected to formally announce his candidacy unless he is sure he has secured enough votes.

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