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Watch: Passenger Threatens Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Because They Won’t Serve Him Water

Watch: Passenger Threatens Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Because They Won’t Serve Him Water

A man has been taken into custody at Singapore Changi Airport after threatening a flight attendant and demanding water shortly after the flight from Bangkok had landed and while the seatbelt signs were still on.

In a now-viral TikTok video taken by another passenger onboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ711, the unidentified man is seen threatening to push the flight attendant over and mimicking the crew member’s actions while shouting profanities in his face.


On 8 Nov 2022, on sq711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangok this crazy passenger threatened to push over the sq crew if he does not give him water. The seat belt sign is still on and he suppose to be seated. Wasted all the passenger time for the ground staff security to take him off the plane.#stomp

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The video ends with the man being led away by a police officer to cheers from the other passengers.

“Why don’t you give me f**king water, you f**king idiot,’ the man shouts at the flight attendant before threatening to push the flight attendant over and claiming that he had been asking for water for two hours (the entire flight time from Bangkok to Singapore is two hours).

A spokesperson for the airline, however, tells a very different story and says the passenger had been rude and demanding alcohol during the meal service and that flight attendants decided to stop serving alcohol due to his behaviour.

“After his multiple requests… our cabin crew assessed the situation and politely declined to serve him alcohol to ensure the safety of the other customers,” an airline spokesperson told the Straits Times.

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“The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority,” a statement from the airline continued. “SIA apologises to all customers on board the flight for the inconvenience caused by this incident.”

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