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Delta Air ‘Wing Walker’ Hit By Truck in Horror Smash at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Delta Air ‘Wing Walker’ Hit By Truck in Horror Smash at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Surveillance video footage has been leaked of a Delta Air Lines ramp worker apparently being run over by a truck in a horrifying incident at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on Monday night.

The video appears to show a truck used to empty and dispose of airplane lavatory waste colliding with the ramp worker as they were directing a Delta Air Lines aircraft on the airfield.

The type of ramp worker involved in the accident is known as a ‘wing walker’ because they guide aircraft to and from their gate, often walking alongside the wing of the airplane.

In the disturbing video, the lavatory waste disposal truck is seen hitting an object which is believed to the ramp worker before slamming on its brakes. Two smaller objects were seen flying in the video that appear to be illuminated marshalling sticks supporting the theory that a ‘wing walker’ was hit.

The ‘lav techs’ driving the truck quickly run to the aid of their injured colleague as other ramp workers rush to the scene.

The short video was shared by aviation insider XJonNYC on Twitter after an anonymous account leaked the video. The video appears to have come from inside a Delta Air control center where a voice is heard imploring: “Attention Lav Techs, please watch your speed on the ramp and pay attention to your surroundings”.

One Twitter user said she had been sitting in the Delta Sky Club in concourse D in Atlanta at around 7 pm on Monday night when she saw ambulances and emergency personnel on the ramp.

The condition of the ramp workers is not yet known, and Delta Air has not yet commented on the incident.

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