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Wells Fargo Terminates Employee After Report Man Urinated On Business Class Passenger On Air India Flight From New York

Wells Fargo Terminates Employee After Report Man Urinated On Business Class Passenger On Air India Flight From New York

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The San Francisco-based Wells Fargo confirmed on Friday that it has terminated an employee following reports of an incident onboard an Air India flight from New York JFK to Delhi in November 2022 in which a man allegedly urinated on a woman sitting in Business Class.

Wells Fargo said the employee, who is based in India, is cooperating with local police but the banking services company declined to release any further information.

Air India has been blasted over the reaction of its cabin crew to the incident, amidst claims that the airline only launched an investigation after the victim approached one of India’s most read newspapers to share her story.

Up until earlier this week, Air India had not identified the suspect and had offered the victim a meek apology for what happened onboard the November 26 flight.

The elderly victim recounted how the “completely inebriated” man approached her seat shortly after the first meal service had concluded and unzipped his pants before urinating all around her.

The woman claims her belongings and seat were saturated with urine but flight attendants failed to take any action against the man and did little to help resolve the matter during the flight.

Because the Business Class cabin was full, the woman was expected to go back to her blanket swaddled seat despite the stench of urine still hanging in the air.

Delhi police have reportedly ‘invited’ the cabin crew and pilots to recount their version of events as part of their investigation into the incident. India’s aviation regulator has issued a bulletin reminding airlines about long-established unruly passenger protocols.

Cabin crew and pilots, the bulletin, explains are supposed to call ahead to inform ground teams about unruly passenger incidents so that local law enforcement can meet the aircraft on arrival and investigate any allegations in the moment.

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