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British Airways Makes History After it Operates its First Ever ABC Flight (All Black Crew)

British Airways Makes History After it Operates its First Ever ABC Flight (All Black Crew)

British Airways has made history after it operated its first-ever ABC flight (all black crew), including black cabin crew, pilots, engineers, baggage handlers and ground agents.

The momentous occasion took place on February 8 on British Airways’ regularly scheduled service to Barbados. Passengers only found out what was happening as they were waiting to board British Airways flight BA255.

British Airways had originally hoped to operate its first-ever ABC to commemorate Black History Month in October 2022, but widespread and widely reported operational headaches, as well as rostering issues, forced the airline to delay the event until early 2023.

The flight was organised by an internal group at the airline known as BeME colleague network group in order to celebrate the contribution that black colleagues make to the success of the airline.

It’s also hoped that this special ABC flight will highlight the wide variety of jobs across the aviation industry that is available to people of diverse backgrounds.

While British Airways is happy to celebrate the success of this flight, the airline also acknowledges that it has more work to do.

“We’re proud to have supported our BeME colleague network group to organise British Airways’ first ever all black colleague flight, celebrating the contribution our black colleagues make to the airline and highlighting how important representation and role models are to drive greater diversity,” the airline told us in a statement.

“We’ve got more work to do, and, as part of our BA Better World strategy we’re creating inclusion and diversity programmes and building partnerships with groups like Fantasy Wings to help break down barriers and ensure underrepresented groups are able to access the exciting opportunities available within the aviation industry,” the statement continued.

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  • Does this not seem a bit over the top and contrived, and at the same time not all that hard to do?

    Now, when BA finally does a flight crewed by only transgenders, THAT will be something!

  • Don’t really care as long as they are all qualified to fly a plane. When you hire people ONLY because they can check a box, that is when you have to worry. Would you want a doctor operating on you ONLY because they were white, or a minority? I don’t. I want the qualified person.

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