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Lufthansa Flight Attendants Demand €3,000 ‘Inflation’ Bonus After German Flag Carrier Posts Surprise Profit

Lufthansa Flight Attendants Demand €3,000 ‘Inflation’ Bonus After German Flag Carrier Posts Surprise Profit

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A union representing most flight attendants at German flag carrier Lufthansa has demanded the airline pay its members a one-off tax-free ‘inflation bonus’ of €3,000.

The UFO union said on Thursday that the bonus was “urgently needed” and that the time had “never been better” for the airline after it posted a surprise profit of 1.5 billion Euros last week.

“It can only be logical to let the employees participate fully in the success of Lufthansa with the inflation premium and to support them financially,” commented Daniel Kassa Mbuambi, chairman of the UFO union.

“The time has never been better: The crisis seems to be over, Lufthansa is making profits again,” Mbuambi continued.

The union reached a wage deal with the airline last November as the carrier continued its recovery from the aftereffects of the pandemic. At the time, Lufthansa increased wages for flight attendants by an average of 12 per cent and abolished “unloved” part-time working arrangements.

Last week, Lufthansa’s chief executive Carsten Spohr said the airline group had witnessed an “unprecedented financial turnaround” and that its performance had been “much better” than initially expected.

Despite its financial success, Lufthansa has faced recent industrial strife with some work groups in disputes over pay and conditions. Ground staff brought the carrier to a standstill last July in a debilitating walkout, while pilots also threatened strike action in a separate dispute.

Lufthansa’s flight attendants have not gone on strike since 2019.

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