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Two American Eagle Flight Attendants Get Into ‘Heated Argument’ Over Seat Assignments And Offload Themselves

Two American Eagle Flight Attendants Get Into ‘Heated Argument’ Over Seat Assignments And Offload Themselves

an American Eagle regional jet seen taking off through clouds

Two flight attendants working a flight on behalf of American Eagle allegedly got into such a heated fight over seat assignments that they then refused to work with one another resulting in the flight being delayed by around two hours.

The incident was documented by ESPN reporter Ashley Brewer who was a passenger on the plane flying to visit her fiance. “My flight can’t take off because two flight attendants got in a fight and now are REFUSING to work together,” Ashley wrote on Twitter.


Aint nobody got time for that @americanair 🙄🙄🙄 #petty #rude #delayed #dramatiktok

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Explaining what led to the row, Ashley wrote: “A lady in first class asked to switch seats with a guy in coach so she could sit by her husband. One attendant said yes, other said no not allowed. Turned into a heated argument. SO DUMB”.

In an accompanying TikTok video, Ashley documented the resulting fallout as ground staff boarded the plane in an attempt to mediate the situation.

With all the passengers still sitting on the plane, Ashley says one of the two flight attendants aboard the small regional jet got his luggage together and suddenly deplaned in front of them all.

Ashley and the other passengers were then forced to wait for an hour while a replacement crew member was found, only for the second crew member who had been involved in the altercation to then deplane herself.

There was a second frustrating wait while another replacement flight attendant was found, and in the end, the flight departed around two hours late.

“Screwing customers over because of their own personal emotions affecting their work,” Ashley wrote in response to one of her followers. “Most unprofessional thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life”.

The flight appeared to be operated by Utah-based Skywest Airlines, which has contracts with some of the biggest airlines in the U.S., including American Airlines and Delta Air, for regional services.

Skywest operates a fleet of Embraer E jets and Bombardier CRJ aircraft with a capacity of between 50 and 76 passengers. All of Skywest’s flights are operated with just two flight attendants.

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  • Please start getting this right. This was Sky West, not American. Same issue many times over that the big three get chastised because of what a regional has done. All the way back to United and that Doc that got dragged off. That was a Regional, Mesa I believe. Please take the time to report this incidents per the actual carrier.

  • I’m not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing that the flight attendant left. I would’t want a stressed attendant on my flight.

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