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Kamala Harris’s Staff Say the Food On Air Force Two is So Dire That Some Are Now Bringing Packed Lunches With Them

Kamala Harris’s Staff Say the Food On Air Force Two is So Dire That Some Are Now Bringing Packed Lunches With Them

Food served to White House staffers aboard Air Force Two, the plane used by Vice President Kamal Harris, is said to be so bad that some of her entourage have given up even trying to force it down and are instead relying on bringing their own packed lunches with them.

The food served onboard the US Air Force-operated aircraft might be free, but White House insiders have slammed the quality of what’s normally served up, saying that they’re sick and tired of being fed “soggy cold-cut sandwiches on white rolls”.

Other onboard specialities include pre-packaged chips and cold pasta salad. Sandwiches are normally served in nondescript brown paper bags rather than on proper tableware like on Air Force One.

Staff have become so accustomed to the rotation of food served on the Vice President’s jet that they can bet that an egg and spinach breakfast burrito is the meal of choice on early morning departures.

Harris’s aides, however, prefer a breakfast pizza and there is, according to Politico, often talk in the office about what meals are going to be served on Air Force Two. There was even a campaign to make the pizza a regular fixture.

“It’s a little more Southwest Airlines than Four Seasons,” one staffer told Politico after it emerged that their counterparts working for President Biden enjoyed filet mignon dinners aboard Air Force One.

“Everything sucks compared to AF-1,” another aide said. “It’s so much more sophisticated and professional [on Air Force One]”.

It’s not even like officials can enjoy any alcohol after former Vice President Mike Pence reportedly forbade alcohol from being brought onboard Air Force Two. And although used to be served to White House aides under previous administrations, Harris hasn’t reportedly reversed the Pence era alcohol ban.

At least the food on Air Force Two is free. Staffers traveling on the President’s plane might enjoy superior food but they have to pay for it. According to some estimates, some aides who frequently travel on Air Force One could rack up food bills of $1,000 per year.

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  • She and her staff are probably the most idiotic people in the planet. Nothing to be learned from a bunch of brain lacking people

  • This story makes no sense. There are two identical 747s. Whichever plane the President is on is AF1, whichever plane the VP is on is designated AF2. There cannot be a difference. They do not have assigned planes to POTUS and VPOTUS.

    • You’re right in that AF-1 and AF-2 are merely callsigns. Normally, however, AF-2 is assigned to a modified B757, while AF-1 is a modified 747. If, however, the VP were to fly on the 747, then the catering would reflect the normal budget and staffing of AF-2.

      • The Vice President is not a King or Queen. Food service on the level of economy class on a major US airline is sufficient. They already have the speed, schedule, and convenience of a private plane. Even CEO’s of international companies usually do not have a plane as large as the 757.

        When I fly economy class within the US, I usually do not eat anything because I don’t buy the food. Once in a while, I’ll make a sandwich.

    • Yes, there are 2 different types. AF 1 is a 747. AF 2 (at least when I worked them), was a Boeing 707. I believe the Air Force up graded AF 2 to a Boeing 767, but I could be mistaken.

      BTW, Any aircraft the POTUS or The V-POTUS is using must be US Military aircraft. If, they decide to do a “Ride-Along” in a C-5, that C-5 has the call sign of Air Force 1, (or Air Force 2).

  • Does Kamala’s staff do the work she doesn’t as VPOTUS? I can’t seem to figure out why people who are getting paid to do nothing have the audacity to complain about something so trivial in the media. Yeah, very sophisticated and professional like the ditz of an aide probably needing to see her comments in print in order to define the words she misused. Just skip the next campaign. I cannot believe these are the type of individuals surrounding those who are SUPPOSED to make the BEST decisions for our country. WHAT A DISGRACE.

  • Wow! Tough crowd tonight. Smh No one is sniveling except those complaining about a group of hard working people who are being fed slop at work and voicing their story. I think it’s horrible that the people in tow to the people who run our country aren’t taken better care of no matter what side the administration is. Some of these comments are so telling of what is going desperately wrong with this country. They aren’t spoiled. They aren’t idiotic. They aren’t Kings and Queens because we don’t have kings and queens in our system of govt. If traveling for your job includes a meal, then you deserve a
    meal not soggy slop. And honestly, I can’t imagine running a country full of such angry sad and nasty people without alcohol on board! Be nice and keep your eyes on your own paper and trivial stuff like this might not trigger you so bad.

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