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British Airways Will Launch New Safety Video On May 1, More Than Three Years After it Was Pulled From Screens

British Airways Will Launch New Safety Video On May 1, More Than Three Years After it Was Pulled From Screens

British Airways is to launch a new star-studded onboard safety video on May 1, more than three years after the old video was pulled from screens at the start of the pandemic.

Hundreds of BA’s most frequent flyers have already viewed the video after they were given early access ahead of the official reveal next Monday and the rollout across the airline’s fleet by the end of April.

The early access viewers were given the opportunity to watch the video so that they could provide feedback while the video was still in post-production. As a result of that feedback, some minor changes have been made, although the general theme for the safety video remains.

British Airways is dubbing the new safety video a ‘British Original’, which is part of a wider marketing campaign that seeks to celebrate modern Britain.

The video is said to feature a number of famous and not-so-famous landmarks around the British Isles. Some of the celebrities to feature in the film include USA Open champion Emma Raducanu and English Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge.

Also featured is the British Ghanaian tailor Oswald Boateng, who designed the recently unveiled British Airways uniform and the rapper Little Simz.

British Airways hasn’t had a safety video on any of its flights since the start of the pandemic in early 2020 when the airline suddenly pulled its old video from screens. The decision was partly because of face mask rules that interfered with oxygen mask guidance.

Other airlines got around the issue by simply making an additional announcement at the end of the safety video, but British Airways decided not to splash out on a big-budget replacement during the darkest days of the pandemic.

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