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Emirates Launches Collaboration With Luxury Beauty Brand Dior So That Cabin Crew Can Maintain the ‘Signature Glamour of the Emirates Look’

Emirates Launches Collaboration With Luxury Beauty Brand Dior So That Cabin Crew Can Maintain the ‘Signature Glamour of the Emirates Look’

It might be the case that female flight attendants at many European and U.S.-based airlines no longer have to wear makeup as part of their uniform, but Dubai-based Emirates says it still wants its cabin crew to maintain “the signature glamour of the Emirates look, even on long-haul flights”.

To do so, the airline has launched a new collaboration with luxury beauty brand Dior to create what it calls a ‘bespoke beauty hub’ at its HQ close to Dubai International Airport.

Described as a ‘warm and welcoming space’, cabin crew will not only receive makeup recommendations but also nutrition and fitness tips, along with skin and haircare advice from sustainable hair brand Davines.

“It is designed to offer a one-of-a-kind and immersive beauty experience exclusive to Emirates Cabin Crew,” the airline said in a statement about the ‘Emirates Beauty Hub’.

“The Emirates Beauty Hub consultants have received specialised training from Dior and Davines and hail from a variety of backgrounds, including former cabin crew experience and roles in wellness, nutrition, and cosmetology,” the statement continued.

Emirates employs a team of Uniform Standards Officers who closely check that cabin crew before they check-in for a flight to make sure they conform with the airline’s stringent uniform and grooming standards.

Cabin crew can be subjected to an on-the-spot weigh-in and grounded if they are deemed to be overweight.

Some of the new Dior makeup recommended for Emirates cabin crew include the Rouge Dior Forever Liquid in the ‘vibrant’ Emirates red, as well as Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation and Dior Backstage Face and Body Flash Perfector Concealer.

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Male cabin crew will be recommended products from the Dior Sauvage range, which include cleansers, face masks, shaving gel, and aftershave balm.

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