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Brit Businessman Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Storm Cockpit and Assaulting Flight Attendant On American Airlines Flight to Miami

Brit Businessman Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Storm Cockpit and Assaulting Flight Attendant On American Airlines Flight to Miami

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A British businessman allegedly tried to storm the cockpit of an American Airlines flight from Barbados to Miami after shouting at a flight attendant because he didn’t like the way the meal choice had been described, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

Robert Croizat, a British citizen who lives in the ultra-low tax haven of Barbados, was arrested on suspicion of interference with flight crew after the pilots radioed ahead to report an onboard disturbance.

The former founding partner of an ‘international wealth management firm’ who is currently setting up a mental health charity in Barbados has since been charged with assault following the crazy March 8 incident aboard American Airlines flight AA1192 from Bridgetown.

According to an affidavit filed in Miami district court, Croizat first got upset around two hours into the three-and-a-half-hour flight when he allegedly got up from his assigned seat to berate a flight attendant, calling him a “sh**ty flight attendant” because he should have addressed Croizat better when describing the meal choices.

Croizat then allegedly turned his attention to a second flight attendant, repeatedly demanding that she “get the Captain out here” so that Croizat could speak with the pilot.

The flight attendants ordered Croizat to return to his seat but he refused to comply and then touched a third flight attendant. When she told him not to touch her, Croizat is accused of pushing her twice.

At one point, Croizat allegedly pushed and briefly pinned the second flight attendant against the cockpit door.

In the end, a good samaritan passenger “lifted” Croizat up and sat him back down in his seat. Croizat remained seated but continued to complain to the flight attendants who barricaded the galley with a meal cart.

The criminal complaint describes how the Captain told air traffic control that there had been an “attempted breach of the flight deck” – one of the most serious forms of unruly passenger behavior which is enough to prompt a major security operation.

The flight landed in Miami without further incident at around 6:33 pm and was met by law enforcement, who took Croizat into custody.

Originally intending to visit the Miami area for just five days in order to see his son, who lives in the United States, Croizat has had his passport confiscated and ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.

Croizat’s attorneys recently filed a motion to allow their client to return to Barbados while awaiting a trial date, arguing that the cost of “exorbitant” Airbnb rentals and hotel rooms in the South Florida area had become “financially burdensome” and is causing “severe financial hardship”.

The request was rejected by the court, and the trial is currently set to go ahead at some point in June.

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  • For all we know the passenger got up to speak to the flight attendant because of poor service and the flight attendant continued to be hostile. Maybe the passenger asked to log a complaint with the captain due to an unhinged flight attendant. Of course other flight attendants will automatically side with the flight attendant just like cops back up other cops no matter how egregious their conduct is. It’s possible the flight attendant pushed him and he pushed back.

    We should not automatically believe flight attendants. They often lie, instigate, and exaggerate. Pilots are rubber stamps and always side with them. They are known to abuse their power and unfortunately it doesn’t help that citizens are rubber stamps for them as well.

  • If only poor Bob had known before booking that AA provides poor inflight service, if any service at all.

    Reminds me of when I was seated next to a brit on an AA flight from GCM to MIA. He couldn’t believe the cramped conditions in the back of the A319 on “America’s flag carrier.” I felt compelled to explain that we don’t have a flag carrier, all are private and, what’s more, AA is the closest thing we have to a low cost network carrier.

    It could be that folks unfamiliar with AA get mistakenly elevated expectations based on the brand name. AA should consider a rebrand to better reflect its business model.

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