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Plus Size Model Struggling to Walk Down United Airlines Airplane Aisle Sparks Discrimination Debate

Plus Size Model Struggling to Walk Down United Airlines Airplane Aisle Sparks Discrimination Debate

A TikTok user who goes by the name of ‘Big Curvy Olivia’ has accused United Airlines of discrimination after she posted a video of a plus-size influencer struggling to squeeze down the airplane aisle on a recent flight due to her size.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the woman became stuck as she tried to walk down the aisle only to discover that her hips were wider than the aisle. The woman then had to twist sideways and force herself along the aisle, banging into seats as she went.

The woman who posted the video captioned it: “Honestly, it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes (in) 2023”.

The woman featured in the video goes by the name of ‘BoBerryVIP’ on TikTok and hasn’t criticized United Airlines, instead preferring to share tips about how to travel as a person of size. She originally posted the video in March and didn’t accuse airlines of discrimination because of the size of airplane aisles.

Perhaps unbeknown to ‘Big Curvy Olivia’ is the fact that rather than get bigger, the width of airplane aisles is increasingly getting tighter as airlines squeeze ever more seats on their aircraft.

In this case, the woman whose video was used in the now-viral meme was filmed struggling to get past United’s Polaris Business Class seats. Premium seats are on a growth trajectory, and the new standard for Business Class seats with walls and doors do make it difficult for people of size to comfortably get down the aisle.

Late last year, a Brazillian plus-sized influencer raged against Qatar Airways after the airline refused to let her travel in Economy Class and demanded she pay extra for a premium seat with extra space to accommodate her.

Qatar Airways had little sympathy for Juliana Nehme and explained in a statement that “anyone who impedes upon the space of a fellow traveller and cannot secure their seatbelt or lower their armrests may be required to purchase an additional seat both as a safety precaution and for the comfort and safety of all passengers.”

Earlier this year, another plus-sized influencer started a campaign to force airlines to provide larger passengers with two seats for no additional fee. Jae’lynn Chaney said people of size should be given two or even three seats for the price of one if they are too large to fit in a single seat.

“We are not asking for special treatment or luxury accommodations,” Chaney said. “We simply want enough space to travel comfortably, without being discriminated against because of our size.”

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  • So long as western society continues to follow the woke model of forcing society to bend to the whims of the mentally deranged and the slovenly, you can expect more of this kind of complaining. Nowadays, if you choose to eat yourself into an early grave, it’s on society to conform to your self-created problem. That said, I’d have sympathy for an abnormally tall person complaining about leg/knee room on a plane, as height is beyond a person’s control.

  • 1. She never got stuck…!
    2. Who decided she decide she was a model?
    3. Try taking off the ridiculous back pack and it might go a little easier.

  • Only one comment: Having you backpack on your back while boarding and having it bang into other people … just rude.

  • Meanwhile as she passed each row, every last passenger went from a tense clenching to crossing themselves and promising to whatever Holy being they worship they will lead a devout life.

  • “We’re not asking for special treatment” as they ask for special treatment. Who has control over your size? The airline? NO, you, so if you need 2 seats to sit comfortably, then you pay for it. Jesus.

    • It is beyond miserable to be seated on a plane next to an oversize person. God forbid if it’s a long-haul flight! I totally agree that people who cannot completely fit in one seat without impeding the people next to them, must be required to pay for two seats or pay for first class. Yet if the person being infringed upon becomes “fat phobic” if they dare complain.

  • So I am short. Airline seat headrests are too high for me to comfortably rest my head. Can I claim Discrimination for all us short people and children? Should I expect special consideration due to my height, something I have NO control over?
    Maybe I should apply for a physical disability!

  • Discriminated against? WTF…. When your personal choices mess with ppl around you or make them unsafe it isn’t discrimination. No matter who’s feelings are hurt, you have to distribute weight on an airplane. Period. It doesnt matter about hurt feelings or self esteem or any of that bullshit that’s been touted the last 30 years. It’s literally safety of everyone on board and they want it changed because of hurt feelings? I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore. If you’re disgustingly fat then you ought to exercise, not be able to draw a living from the government due to your choices. In fact you shouldn’t be able to complain, as one has to put in hard work to get that disgustingly rotund.

  • I agree with Qatar Airline. If you use two seats you should pay for two seats. It’s awful to be the person next to them who can’t use half of their own space.

  • That’s ridiculous!! I suppose if it was a long flight, she should be accommodated with Super Size Food portions to maintain her “Plus Model” status😵‍💫😵‍💫😂😂

  • Do they still have those metal frames near the gate? It’s where airline staff would require people with obviously oversized carry-ons to fit them in that frame. If they didn’t fit, they had to go as checked baggage. Maybe they should have an airline seat out there and if you can’t fit in it without spilling over into the adjacent seats you have to pay for an additional seat or first class, or rebook if the flight is too full. Makes sense to me.

  • This article fails to mention that the tiktoker “Curvy Olivia” is fake—steals content from the actual model who instagram is properly referenced. The photos and post this article references where not made by the person the author is claiming.

    I’m skinny with eating habits that would make a less genetically fortunate person obese. Some obese people may be gluttons but the reality of obesity is that due to disorders, medication, as well as social and economic factors not everyone has the same degree of control over their body shape as you. The discomfort of having one’s space violated by a sweaty sack of a person is unpleasant which is why airlines should offer them two seats if available or work to rebook their flight on a less busy flight. They’re using that detail to turn you against your fellow dat humans. Airlines are screwing us over and seeing ya’ll side with them out of disgust for fatness… this is exactly what American culture conditions the average American to do. (It also conditions us to be fat). Be kind. Wake up.

  • You all fucking suck. Oh! Some fat whore has issues with the real world since ought distort the world for their fat fucking feelings!!!! Yay!!!!! Wait, no, that isn’t how shit works….. If.youre disgustingly fucking fat you ought have issues. Period. If you’re too goddamn lazy to draw breath no part of you is my fucking problem. I promise you! If I pass your stupid ass in cardiac arrest I’m leaving you there 🙂 stupid whore

    • Chris has it on point. if you can’t exist naturally and depend on ppl saying you’re too fat to fucking exist perhaps you’re the problem and not everyone else yeah??? Disgusting piece of shit…..

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