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United Airlines Becomes First U.S. Airline to Support Apple’s ‘Live Activities’ iPhone Feature

United Airlines Becomes First U.S. Airline to Support Apple’s ‘Live Activities’ iPhone Feature

United Airlines has become the first U.S. airline to make use of Apple’s new ‘Live Activities’ feature on iPhone. From today, users of United’s iPhone app will be able to view relevant live information about their flight right from the lock screen or dynamic island without having to unlock their phone.

Apple first revealed details about its Live Activities feature in June 2022 as part of iOS16, but while the updated operating system update was shipped several months later, Live Activities wasn’t quite ready and wasn’t included in the initial release.

United Airlines

Live Activities allows app developers to share relevant, timely information in a new widget right on the lock screen. Use cases for the feature include Uber and Lyft updates, sports game scores and fitness tracking.

“We’re seeing soaring demand for travel this summer, and Live Activities puts all the flight information you need right at your fingertips, whether your iPhone is locked or you’re doing something else like checking email, listening to music or texting friends,” explained United’s chief customer officer, Linda Jojo.

“This new feature is another way United is leveraging technology to improve our customers’ travel journey. It’s going to save passengers a lot of time, and we think they’re going to love it, especially during a busy travel season,” Jojo continued.

On Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Live Activities are delivered within the dynamic island, and on all other iPhone models, Live Activities are displayed within a new lock screen widget.

The United widget provides a slew of information, including on-time status, departure countdown, inbound aircraft status, estimated departure and arrival times, flight number and baggage carousel number. Users can also quickly access their boarding passes from the widget.

United says the update should be available for most users from today, but the complete rollout will run through the end of May. Live Activities is available on iPhones running iOS 16.1 or later.

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