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Hollywood Actor and Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz Unveiled As the Next Emirates Brand Ambassador

Hollywood Actor and Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz Unveiled As the Next Emirates Brand Ambassador

Hollywood actor and Oscar winner Penelope Cruz has just been announced as the next brand ambassador for the Dubai-based airline Emirates.

Already a big fan of the airline, Cruz says she was ‘thrilled’ to get the chance to work with Emirates after travelling with the airline for years and building a positive association with the brand.


The Vanilla Sky and Pirates of the Caribbean actor is set to appear in a raft of short ads and promo spots, which will start appearing globally on TV news channels from June.

Some of the promo spots, like the one above, are already available on Emirates’ social media channels, and the airline says other activities with Cruz are planned for later this year.

The Spanish actor has shot a series of short promo ads in English and Spanish, and will show off Emirates’ First and Business Class cabins, as well as the new Premium Economy experience.

The theme of the new collaboration is ‘travel is not just about the end destination; ​it’s also about how you get there’ under Emirates’ longstanding ‘Fly Better’ campaign.

“Emirates is all about Flying Better, where the journey to your destination matters as much as the place itself,” commented Richard Billington, the airline’s SVP of brand and advertising, shortly after the big reveal.

“We take care of every detail in the Emirates experience and wanted a brand ambassador who reflects the Emirates brand – it needed to be someone classy, stylish, and having modern global appeal. Penelope was the perfect fit,” Billington continued.

Back in 2015, Emirates managed to snag ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston for a landmark TV ad which helped to raise brand awareness of the airline in the United States, although the ad also proved a big success in a number of other countries, including the UK, France and Germany.

In fact, Anniston proved such a hit that she returned in a follow-up ad in October 2016, which showed off Emirates’ Economy Class cabin.

Emirates signed up a big-hitting director for its latest collaboration, employing double Oscar-winning Hollywood director Robert Stromberg for the job. Emirates said Stromberg managed to convey the airline’s “thoughtful luxury” along with Cruz’ “cheeky sense of humour”.

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