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Boost Your JetBlue TrueBlue Points With a Very Limited Time Bonus

Boost Your JetBlue TrueBlue Points With a Very Limited Time Bonus

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JetBlue is offering a very limited-time bonus on point purchases for its TrueBlue program. From now until May 31, 2023, members can purchase points and receive a bonus of up to 70%.

Here are the details of the offer:

  • Purchase 3,000-19,500 points and receive a 30% bonus.
  • Purchase 20,000-39,000 points and receive a 50% bonus.
  • Purchase 40,000-70,000 points and receive a 70% bonus.

While purchasing points is generally not recommended unless you’re on the cusp of a redemption, this limited-time promotion does present a pretty enticing bonus that could boost your TrueBlue points balance just enough to secure your next flight bought with miles.

To take advantage of this offer, simply login to your TrueBlue account here. It’s important to keep the following details in mind:

  • The minimum point purchase per transaction is 1,000 points, and the maximum point purchase per transaction is 70,000 points.
  • Points can be purchased for your own account or gifted to another member’s account, but point transfers are not eligible for this offer.
  • Members are subject to an annual limit of 120,000 TrueBlue points
  • Allow up to 72 hours for points to be posted to your TrueBlue account.
  • We recommend reviewing the TrueBlue Terms and Conditions for comprehensive details.

This is a great opportunity to stock up on TrueBlue points and save money on your next trip. However, it’s important only to purchase points if you know you’re going to use them…. thankfully, a significant benefit of the TrueBlue program is that points never expire.

About the TrueBlue program:

The JetBlue TrueBlue program is a loyalty program that rewards members for flying JetBlue and for using select credit cards. Members earn points for every dollar they spend on JetBlue flights, and they can redeem those points for flights, upgrades, and other rewards.

TrueBlue has recently introduced a new system called ‘Tiles’ which replaced Mosaic-Qualifying Points to qualify for elite status. Tiles are earned through qualifying spend on JetBlue flights, JetBlue Vacations, Paisly by JetBlue, all JetBlue credit cards, and even American Airlines flights.

  • Earn 1 tile for every $100 in qualifying spend on JetBlue travel, including flights, extras, fees, JetBlue Vacations, and Paisly.
  • Earn 1 tile for every $1,000 eligible spend on any JetBlue credit card.

Unlike TrueBlue Points, Tiles reset at the end of each calender year.

Tiles can be used to pick perks like a free alcoholic drink per flight, early boarding, priority security, and a 5,000-point bonus.

Once you reach 50 tiles in a year, you’ll unlock Mosaic status, which comes with a slew of bundled perks, including free alcoholic drinks, two free checked bags, early boarding, dedicated check-in, and a priority telephone line.

There are now four levels of mosaic status, with the top tier coming with credits for four one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK or EWR.

The Value of Buying Points with a Bonus

Buying points is generally not advised unless you’re close to achieving a redemption but need a little boost to reach your goal. However, promotions like the one currently offered by JetBlue, with a bonus on point purchases, present an opportunity to maximize the value of your points.

JetBlue TrueBlue points hold an average value ranging from 1.3 to 1.6 cents each. To ensure you get the most out of your points, it’s essential to calculate the value by comparing the cost in points to the corresponding dollar price. This evaluation helps determine whether spending points rather than cash is worth it for a particular flight or redemption.

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