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Controversial Brazilian Singer Gets In Trouble With Airline Pilot After Taking Advantage of Flight Deck Visit

Controversial Brazilian Singer Gets In Trouble With Airline Pilot After Taking Advantage of Flight Deck Visit

A controversial Brazilian singer who has made a name for herself by performing lewd acts live on stage has got herself in trouble with an airline pilot after baring her behind during a visit to the flight deck of a GOL Airlines plane.

The 21-year singer and social media influencer, who goes by the stage name MC Pipokinha was filmed sitting in the Captain’s seat after a recent flight, taking hold of the controls and trying to joke with one of the pilots.

During the short clip, the songstress suddenly lowered her pants to reveal her backside. After receiving a scolding from the pilot, the singer covered herself back up before claiming she was wearing shorts.

GOL Airlines has defended the decision to let MC Pipokinha into the flight deck, saying it regularly allowed supervised visits to the cockpit during aircraft turnarounds on the ground when the visit wouldn’t impede preparations for the next flight.

In a statement, the airline said it had long been policy “to allow quick supervised visits to the cockpit to bring people closer to the incredible universe of aviation, which arouses a lot of curiosity.”

“Visits are authorized according to the Commander’s assessment, usually during disembarkation, as long as they do not interfere with the preparation for the next flight or safety,” the statement continued.

A spokesperson said the pilots couldn’t “predict sudden attitudes such as that of the Client (MC Pipokinha) in this video”.

MC Pipokinha has had several of her shows cancelled by local authorities following her on-stage antics, which have included oral sex with a fan who was invited onto the stage during a recent concert.

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