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JetBlue Unveils Bold New Aircraft Livery Featuring an All-Blue Fuselage

JetBlue Unveils Bold New Aircraft Livery Featuring an All-Blue Fuselage

JetBlue has unveiled a bold new aircraft livery which will become the standard design across its fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft.

The ‘next generation’ design was formally unveiled on Wednesday on an Airbus A321 jet which will return to service on June 15. The aircraft features JetBlue Mint and has been named ‘A Defining MoMint’.

The fuselage is now painted completely blue with tailfin patterns that now extend onto the body and belly of the aircraft. The new livery also features a larger JetBlue logo, colored winglets and the logo painted on the belly of the aircraft.

The aircraft which JetBlue showed off has a Mint Leaves pattern adorning its tailfin and belly, but the airline will continue to use the tailfin to show off different designs. The winglets will also feature different colors from an updated palette of approved tones.

“Liveries have always been a part of our identity. When you spot a JetBlue aircraft—whether on the ground or in the air—we want customers to recognize us as a travel brand that moves them differently than everyone else,” commented Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty.

“The new livery helps us stand out among a sky of legacy carriers and is a stunning reflection of our role as a disruptor that uniquely combines lower fares and great service.”

JetBlue will progressively roll out the new livery on existing aircraft as part of the normal aircraft painting cycle. Aircraft don’t need to receive a new paint job very often, so some JetBlue planes could be flying around with the old livery for some years to come.

O’Brien explained that JetBlue had chosen now to develop a new livery as the aircraft continues to expand to new markets, especially transatlantic routes, including Amsterdam.

The livery also matches an updated visual design language that was rolled out across various elements of the customer journey earlier this year, including the JetBlue website.

O’Brien says this is the first time in a decade that the airline refreshed its brand image with new colors and designs.

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