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Save up to 20% On Qatar Airways Flights From Many European Countries, Including the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany

Save up to 20% On Qatar Airways Flights From Many European Countries, Including the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany

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Quick facts

  • Save up to 20% off flights by using the promo code PCJUNE23
  • The promotion runs from June 20 to June 30
  • Travel must take place between July 1 to March 31, 2024
  • Beware of blackout dates (see below)
  • Wide range of European markets targeted and lots of destinations to choose from
  • Savings are per sector and don’t include taxes and other charges

Qatar Airways is offering up to 20% off flights for members of its Privilege Club loyalty program from several European markets, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, and Norway, among others.

The extensive list of targeted countries encompasses a diverse range of destinations, such as Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Malta, Macedonia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, and Austria.

Qatar Airways

Initially, Qatar Airways stated that the promotion was exclusively available on departures from select airports, including BER (Berlin), BUD (Budapest), DUS (Düsseldorf), FRA (Frankfurt), GVA (Geneva), MUC (Munich), PRG (Prague), VIE (Vienna), and ZRH (Zurich).

However, after extensive research, we found that the offer is being applied across all targeted markets.

The promotion is valid for bookings made between June 20 and June 30, with travel periods ranging from July 1 to March 31, 2024.


It’s important to note, however, that there are certain blackout dates during which promotional prices aren’t available.

  • Outbound travel blackout dates span from July 13 to August 5 and December 15 to December 30.
  • Return travel blackout dates fall between August 20 to September 10 and January 5, 2024, to January 20, 2024.

As the discount is applied per sector, it is worth considering that varying levels of discount may be applied to the outbound and return sectors of a journey. Factors such as seasonality, demand, school holidays, and route pairings can influence the final amount saved by travellers.

We found examples of approximately $200 savings per sector on Premium cabin flights for popular and high-demand routes like London (LHR) to Bangkok (BKK) and Paris (CDG) to Hong Kong (HKG) during December 2023.

To take advantage of this promotion, you do need to be a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, although it’s very quick to sign up. It’s also worth noting that this offer is applicable between all targeted countries and listed destinations, so you may need to double-check that the discount has actually applied.

The full list of destination included in the promotion are: ABV (Abuja), ACC (Accra), ADD (Addis Ababa), ADL (Adelaide), AKL (Auckland), ALA (Almaty), AMD (Ahmedabad), ATQ (Amritsar), AUH (Abu Dhabi), BAH (Bahrain), BGW (Baghdad), BKK (Bangkok), BLR (Bengaluru), BNE (Brisbane), BOM (Mumbai), BSR (Basra), CAN (Guangzhou), CCJ (Kozhikode), CCU (Kolkata), CEB (Cebu), CGK (Jakarta), CMB (Colombo), COK (Kochi), CPT (Cape Town), CRK (Angeles City), DAC (Dhaka), DAR (Dar es Salaam), DEL (Delhi), DMM (Dammam), DPS (Denpasar), DVO (Davao City), DXB (Dubai), EBB (Entebbe), EBL (Erbil), ELQ (Gassim), EVN (Yerevan), GOI (Goa), GYD (Baku), HAN (Hanoi), HGH (Hangzhou), HKG (Hong Kong), HND (Tokyo), HKT (Phuket), HYD (Hyderabad), ICN (Seoul), IFN (Isfahan), IKA (Tehran), ISB (Islamabad), ISU (Sulaymaniyah), JED (Jeddah), JIB (Djibouti), JNB (Johannesburg), JRO (Kilimanjaro), KHI (Karachi), KTM (Kathmandu), KUL (Kuala Lumpur), KWI (Kuwait City), LAD (Luanda), LHE (Lahore), LOS (Lagos), LUN (Lusaka), MAA (Chennai), MCT (Muscat), MED (Medina), MEL (Melbourne), MGQ (Mogadishu), MHD (Mashhad), MLE (Malé), MNL (Manila), MPM (Maputo), MUX (Multan), NAG (Nagpur), NBO (Nairobi), NJF (Najaf), NRT (Tokyo), PER (Perth), PEW (Peshawar), PKX (Beijing), PVG (Shanghai), RKT (Ras Al Khaimah), RUH (Riyadh), SEZ (Mahe Island), SGN (Ho Chi Minh City), SHJ (Sharjah), SIN (Singapore), SKT (Sialkot), SYD (Sydney), SYZ (Shiraz), TBS (Tbilisi), TIF (Taif), TRV (Thiruvananthapuram), WDH (Windhoek), and ZNZ (Zanzibar).

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