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World of Hyatt’s Latest Summer Promotion With 25% Bonus On Purchased Points For a Limited Time

World of Hyatt’s Latest Summer Promotion With 25% Bonus On Purchased Points For a Limited Time

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World of Hyatt has launched its latest summer promotion, offering a 25% bonus on point purchases. From now until August 11, members can earn a bonus when buying 7,000 or more points. To sweeten the deal, the normal annual limit for points purchases has been increased to 110,000, up from the usual 55,000 points limit.

What’s the deal?

World of Hyatt is offering a summer point purchase promotion with a 25% bonus. This means that you can purchase points at a rate of 1.92 cents per point. The promotion runs from now until August 11, 2023.


Is buying World of Hyatt points worth it?

For many travelers, purchasing World of Hyatt points can be a great value proposition. The program offers an easy-to-understand award chart, allowing you to calculate how many points you need for various hotel brands and categories. The redemption options include a wide range of luxurious properties under the Hyatt portfolio.

The main World of Hyatt award chart breaks down hotel brands into categories, with category 1 being the cheapest and featuring brands like Hyatt Place and Hyatt House, whereas luxury speciality hotels like the Carmel Valley Ranch in California or The Norman, Tel Aviv feature in the top tier category 8 listing.

Redemptions start at just 3,500 points per night for a standard room, off-peak at a Category 1 property.

There are no blackout dates, and you can even use points at all-inclusive resorts, although these are subject to a separate, more expensive award chart.

How much is a World of Hyatt point worth?

On average, World of Hyatt points are valued at around 1.7 cents each. This means that if you purchase points at the current promotion rate of 1.92 cents per point, you’re getting a good deal.

However, it’s important to note that the value of loyalty program currencies can be subjective and may fluctuate based on your individual usage.

While Hyatt’s fixed award chart simplifies the process of determining points required for award nights, there may be instances where the cash price of a room is more favorable than using points.

How much do World of Hyatt redemptions cost?

World of Hyatt offers a variety of redemption options, with award nights starting as low as 3,500 points per night for a standard room at a category 1 property. The program does not impose blackout dates, providing flexibility in planning your stay. Additionally, points can be used for all-inclusive resorts, although these redemptions follow a separate, more expensive award chart.

Important terms to note

  • The promotion is only available to World of Hyatt members who have been part of the program for at least 60 days.
  • You can only purchase points in increments of 1,000 at a cost of $24.
  • The maximum number of points you can purchase during the promotion is 110,000 (increased from the usual annual limit of 55,000)
  • Points purchased during the promotion will not count towards elite status qualification.
  • World of Hyatt points can expire if there is no account activity for two years.

How does this offer compare to previous promotions?

While this promotion offers a 25% bonus on point purchases, it is worth noting that it is similar to a previous deal from World of Hyatt in May when the program offered a 25% discount on purchases of 5,000 or more points.

While this latest deal isn’t the most exceptional promotion from World of Hyatt, it still presents an attractive opportunity to bolster your point balance and enjoy future travel experiences.

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