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Delta Air Lines Tells Employees to Wipe TikTok From Their Work Phones and Even Their Personal Devices

Delta Air Lines Tells Employees to Wipe TikTok From Their Work Phones and Even Their Personal Devices

Delta Air Lines told employees on Friday that they must delete the popular social media app TikTok from their work devices and that they’ll also need to wipe the app from their personal cell phones if they use them to access any of Delta’s systems like email or even flight booking software.

The edict followed a similar, although less restrictive, policy from Southwest Airlines, which banned the use of TikTok on its network last week because it is a government contractor and must comply with a federal ban on the video app.

Atlanta-based Delta cited the same reason for its TikTok ban, presumably fearing that it could otherwise jeopardize a lucrative contract with the U.S. government.

Earlier this year, the White House ordered government contractors to stop using TikTok on any devices or networks that have a connection with government work because of concerns that vast amounts of data are being harvested by the app and could fall into the hands of the Chinese state.

Delta told staffers that they must delete the app from their work devices, and in many cases, employees could be expected to delete TikTok from their personal phones and tablets as well.

The airline said TikTok must not be used on any personal device which is used to access Delta’s internal systems. This includes special apps and email, along with accessing Delta’s internal intranet or flight booking systems via a browser.

It remains unclear whether Delta will stop using TikTok, where it has amassed more than half a million followers.

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