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Save up to £150 On Emirates Business Class Fares With a Simple Promo Code

Save up to £150 On Emirates Business Class Fares With a Simple Promo Code

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Emirates has had a longstanding and highly successful sponsorship deal with the North London Premiership football club Arsenal for the past 18 years, and the two brands have almost become synonymous with one another.

In 2006, Emirates became Arsenal’s shirt sponsor in what was then a record-breaking £100 million deal, although that’s eclipsed by the existing five-year sponsorship deal, which is rumoured to be worth as much as £200 million.

The current deal is set to expire next year, and while there’s still no word on whether Emirates will extend the deal for a further five years or longer, The Dubai-based airline is currently rewarding Arsenal supporters with up to £150 flights.

The discount is actually intended for Arsenal members, but the promo code used to secure the discount has, it would seem, been widely posted online and is being used by non-members as well.

You can save up to £30 on Economy Class tickets, while Business Class fares secure a discount of up to £150. Unfortunately, the discount code can’t be used for Premium Economy or First Class fares.

To get the saving, you’ll need to book via the Emirates UK website here. From the homepage, click on the link “Advanced search: multi-city, promo codes, partner airlines” and then enter the following promo code: UKARSN7.

Unfortunately, the promo code isn’t valid across the entire Emirates network, but if your destination isn’t available, then it simply won’t show up in the search field. Additionally, fares with a discount applied will be highlighted with a gold star.

Flights must be completed by 23rd January 2024 to be eligible for this discount.

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