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Prisoner Being Transported Interstate Escapes Deputies at Denver International Airport And Runs Onto Airfield

Prisoner Being Transported Interstate Escapes Deputies at Denver International Airport And Runs Onto Airfield

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A prisoner who had been arrested on a warrant for evading arrested and was being transported from Colorado to Texas for trial managed to briefly escape his escort officers at Denver International Airport (DEN) on Friday morning and fled onto the tarmac before being apprehended.

The suspect, who local media have identified as Brandon Lee Chabaud, is wanted in Orange County, Texas, for fleeing a Peace Officer in 2019 and was due to be flown to Hayden on a commercial flight operated on behalf of United Airlines.

According to several reports, Chabaud somehow managed to escape the custody of Orange County deputies who had flown to Denver to collect their prisoner. Chabaud allegedly managed to sprint down a set of stairs leading onto the tarmac and briefly escaped onto the airfield.

Officers from the Denver Police Department managed to help recatch Chabaud, and he has been taken into federal custody. One of the escorting officers sustained a minor injury during the incident.

According to an indictment filed in Orange County, Chabaud allegedly fled law enforcement during a June 22, 2019 traffic stop.

Earlier this month, a man who was wanted under a felony drug warrant attempted to evade arrest at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by the emergency exit of a Sun Country Airlines plane and running onto the airfield.

The suspect had just arrived on a flight from Orlando, and passengers were deplaning when he became aware that police officers were waiting on the jetbridge to arrest him.

Rather than be taken into custody, the man opened an emergency exit, jumped onto the wing and ran across into the darkness of the airfield. He was later found hiding in a catering truck and was promptly arrested.

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