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Air Canada Faces Lawsuit Over $17 Million Gold Bullion Heist at Toronto Pearson Airport in April

Air Canada Faces Lawsuit Over $17 Million Gold Bullion Heist at Toronto Pearson Airport in April

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The global security company Brinks is reportedly suing Air Canada for negligence over a $17 million gold bullion heist that occurred at Toronto Pearson Airport in April.

The Canadian flag carrier is accused of failing to put adequate security around the shipment of gold and banknotes, allowing thieves to get their hands on the loot while it was being held in a warehouse.

Brinks had been contracted by a Swiss bank to move the $100 million shipment from Zurich to Toronto, but the high-value security contractor subsequently hired Air Canada to get the gold and money across the Atlantic.

On arrival in Toronto, the gold bullion was removed from an Air Canada jet and moved to what was supposed to be a secure warehouse.

Around an hour later, court documents claim the thief managed to use fraudulent documentation to get their hands on some of the haul and made off without being challenged.

Brinks claims there was “no security protocols or features were in place to monitor, restrict or otherwise regulate the unidentified individual’s access to the facilities,” according to the Daily Mail.

The theft took place on April 17, 2023, although cops didn’t confirm details of the heist until nearly a week later. The gold and cash are still missing, and the suspect is yet to be identified.

The lawsuit is seeking $13.5 million for the gold, $1.9 million for the cash and additional costs from Air Canada. 

n 2019, an Austrian Airlines flight was allegedly held up on the runway as it was preparing for takeoff when thieves broke open a cargo hold and stole €10 million in cash at Tirana International Airport in Albania.

The airline confirmed that the theft took place while passengers were on the plane, but a spokesperson noted that passengers were none the wiser. Austrian Airlines temporarily stopped carrying valuable cargo following that heist.

The lawsuit against Air Canada has been filed in the Federal Court of Canada.

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