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Emirates Places Big New Boeing 777X and 787 Dreamliner Order Valued at $52 Billion at List Value

Emirates Places Big New Boeing 777X and 787 Dreamliner Order Valued at $52 Billion at List Value

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Emirates has placed a big new order for new Boeing 777X and 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which, at list value, is said to be valued at $52 billion (although airlines don’t typically pay the full cost, and the actual deal will likely be worth a lot less).

On the first day of the Dubai Air Show on Monday, Emirates confirmed it had struck a deal with aircraft manufacturer Boeing for 55 additional 777-9 aircraft and 35 slightly smaller 777-8 aircraft, which are both part of the yet-to-be-certified 777X family.

In addition, Emirates has changed up its Dreamliner order, swapping out 30 Boeing 787-9s, which were ordered in 2019, for a new order for 15 stretched 787-10s and 20 smaller 787-8s.

It’s believed the original order for the 30 Boeing 787-9s has been transferred to sister airline Flydubai, which will soon become a widebody aircraft operator for the first time.

The additional 777-8 and 777-9s grow Emirates’ 777X order book to 205 aircraft and its total order book to 295, including 55 Airbus A350 aircraft that were ordered previously.

If the troubled 777X program doesn’t face any further delays, Emirates is hoping to start taking deliveries of these aircraft in 2025. The planes will be delivered over an extended period, and the planes from today’s order won’t start being delivered until 2035 at the earliest.

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