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Chinese Airline Served ‘Imported Dog Food’ to Passengers in Business Class On Recent Flight… Or Did It?

Chinese Airline Served ‘Imported Dog Food’ to Passengers in Business Class On Recent Flight… Or Did It?

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A Chinese airline may have served dog food to Business Class passengers on a recent flight, although the strange food option might not be what it at first seems.

The interesting menu item was brought to the world’s attention by passenger Conrad Wu, who posted a photo of the Business Class menu from a China Eastern Airlines flight on Facebook.

On the English side of the lunch menu, China Eastern had three appetizers available to choose from, including a dish listed as ‘imported dog food’ with Okra.

Thankfully, however, it appears that the Shanghai-based airline wasn’t actually serving dog food (imported or otherwise) but that an unfortunate translation error was to blame (although what the ingredient actually was remains a mystery).

This kind of translation error is often referred to as ‘Chinglish’ – when the original Chinese Mandarin meaning of a word or phrase has literally been lost in translation.

Many native English speakers who have visited mainland China will doubt have seen their own examples of Chinglish where well-intentioned attempts to write things in English have resulted in some bewildering translations.

Referring to these translation mistakes as Chinglish isn’t, though, without controversy. The term is viewed by some as offensive, especially given the fact that people are doing their best to learn a language and provide English translations for visitors who can’t speak or read the native language.

Perhaps for an international airline, however, less slack should be afforded?

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