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EasyJet Cabin Crew Will Be Issued Reusable Cutlery and a Travel Mug As Part of Their Uniform

EasyJet Cabin Crew Will Be Issued Reusable Cutlery and a Travel Mug As Part of Their Uniform

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Cabin crew and pilots at low-cost carrier EasyJet will soon start receiving reusable cutlery and travel mugs as part of their uniform allowance, the Luton-based airline has confirmed.

Around 14,000 travel mugs and sets of cutlery will be sent out to EasyJet crew members by the end of January 2024 as part of the airline’s efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

From next year, new hire pilots and cabin crew will receive the cutlery and reusable mug as part of their initial uniform allocation following a trial which was conducted earlier this year.

Crew members in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as well as across the European Union, will receive the reusable items, helping EasyJet slash the number of single-use items it uses each year by as much as 10 million or 71 million tonnes.

“As always, our brilliant crew took this trial under their wings and through their passion and dedication to reduce unnecessary waste, we are now able to roll out this fantastic initiative network-wide,” commented Angela Mullen, EasyJet’s head of inflight retail operations.

“This is just one of the many ways we’re working to lower the impact of our operations, and we’ll continue to trial new initiatives and make continuous improvements to help accomplish this goal.”

Earlier this year, German flag carrier Lufthansa introduced plastic reusable cups that customers on short-haul flights are given to drink hot beverages that they have purchased. The cup is then collected by the cabin crew before the end of the flight and reused again and again.

EasyJet is still selling hot beverages to customers in disposable paper cups, as well as plastic water, wine and juice bottles.

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