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Frontier Sends Unaccompanied Child to the Wrong Airport Nearly 2,000 Miles in the Opposite Direction to Where He Should Have Flown

Frontier Sends Unaccompanied Child to the Wrong Airport Nearly 2,000 Miles in the Opposite Direction to Where He Should Have Flown

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It’s emerged that a second unaccompanied child was sent by a U.S. airline to the wrong airport in the lead-up to Christmas and in this case, the child was sent nearly 2,000 miles in the opposite direction to where he should have ended up.

16-year-old Logan Rose was flying on his own for the first time from Tampa to visit his family in Cleveland for the Holidays but ended up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after being allowed to board the wrong flight.

Frontier Airlines says that the mix-up on December 22 occurred when Logan was accidentally boarded onto the wrong plane, which was leaving from the same gate that the Cleveland flight was due to depart from.

The San Juan flight was, however, departing first and when Logan arrived at the gate early, an agent mistakenly sent him down the jetbridge too early.

No one spotted that Logan was on the wrong plane and it wasn’t until the plane landed in Puerto Rico that the teenager realized something had gone terribly wrong.

A spokesperson for Frontier says the airline immediately flew Logan back to Tampa, and then he was able to continue his journey to Cleveland on the correct plane the following day.

Logan’s family claim the gate agent checked his boarding pass but didn’t scan it on a boarding pass reader, which would have alerted the agent to the fact that Logan shouldn’t have been boarding the San Juan flight.

Just before Christmas, Spirit Airlines accidentally put a six-year-old unaccompanied child on the wrong flight from Philadephia, sending the young boy to Orlando Airport instead of Southwest Florida International Airport as intended.

In that case, Spirit has terminated a gate agent that it holds responsible for the mistake and has warned that other employees could face disciplinary action if they have been found not to have followed the airline’s unaccompanied minor policy.

Frontier doesn’t offer an unaccompanied minor service, but the airline will allow children aged 15 years or older to fly without a parent or guardian if certain conditions are met.

A spokesperson for the airline told NBC News: “Frontier has extended its sincere apologies to the family for the error.”

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  • Yes Fromtier are idiots. But how does a 16yr old miss the sign at the gate with the destination much less go to the wrong gate? If he’s that stupid he shouldn’t be flying alone.

  • Yeah I agree. Depending on the state he is in he 1 or 2 years from being an adult. If your almost adult teenager is that stupid, you get what you deserve. On southwest if you are 12 or older you CAN NOT fly as am unaccompanied minor, you are treated as an adult. My kids have flown by them selves since they were 12 no issues. Of course I didn’t raise them to be morons and they won’t be living with me till they are in their 30s either.. #dumba$$parents

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