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What is the United MileagePlus Premier Status Match 2024 and How Can You Get Your Status Matched All The Way Through to January 2026?

What is the United MileagePlus Premier Status Match 2024 and How Can You Get Your Status Matched All The Way Through to January 2026?

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United Airlines is once again running its popular MileagePlus elite status match for 2024, and the offer will remain valid for applications received up until December 20, 2024.

Frequent flying programs are deliberately designed to drive loyalty to a particular airline or alliance, so achieving status with multiple airlines can be pretty tricky. That’s where a status match can come in handy to see if shifting your loyalty to another carrier is worth it.

If you’re already thinking of moving some or all of your flying to United or the Star Alliance then this MileagePlus status match could be really beneficial.

The United MileagePlus program has four elite status tiers known as ‘Premier’ status tiers, which range from:

  • Premier Silver
  • Premier Gold
  • Premier Platinum
  • and Premier 1K

Premier status members earn bonus miles on every flight, complimentary checked luggage, complimentary upgrades when available and priority check-in and boarding.

Ordinarily, to achieve Premier status, you need to earn a set number of Premier Qualifying Flights (PQF) and Premier Qualifying Points (PQP). As the name suggests, PQF are earned from flights taken with United, United Express and select partners, while PQP are earned on the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges of flight purchases, along with seating purchases, paid upgrades and even certain co-branded credit card spend.

Premier status tierPQF requiredPQP required
Premier Silver124,000
Premier Gold248,000
Premier Platinum3612,000
Premier 1K5418,000
Four flights must be flown on United or United Express

Alternatively, you can achieve Premier status by earning a higher number of PQP, so long as you also fly at least four segments on United metal.

Premier status tierPQP required
Premier Silver5,000
Premier Gold10,000
Premier Platinum15,000
Premier 1K24,000
Four flights must be flown on United or United Express

United MileagePlus is offering status match opportunities to members of 37 different airline frequent flyer programs, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, as well as Southwest, Frontier and Hawaiian Airlines.

Further afield, there are also opportunities for elite members of British Airways, Qantas, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic to status match with United MileagePlus.

Generally speaking, the 2024 United MileagePlus status Premier status match program isn’t being afforded to members of other Star Alliance airlines.

Airline and Frequent flyer programElite status 1Elite status 2Elite Status 3
Delta Air Lines MedallionSilverGoldPlatinum
American Airlines AAdvantageGoldPlatinumPlatinum Pro
Southwest Airlines Rapid RewardsA-ListA-List Preferred
JetBlue True BlueMosaic
Alaska Airlines MVPMVPMVP GoldMVP Gold 75K
British Airways Executive ClubBronzeSilverGold
Virgin Atlantic Flying ClubSilverGold

The MileagePlus Premier status you’ll be matched to will generally work as follows:

  • Elite status 1 matches to Premier Silver
  • Elite status 2 matches to Premier Gold
  • Elite status 3 matches to Premier Platinum

As you can see from the table above, the highest status that elite members of Southwest Rapid Rewards and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club can match to is generally Premier Gold, while elite members of JetBlue True Blue can generally only match up to Premier Silver status.

In addition, members of the following airline frequent flying programs are also eligible to status match to a MileagePlus Premier level:

Airline and frequent flying clubElite Status 1Elite Status 2Elite Status 3
Aer LingusAerClub SilverAerClub PlatinumAerClub Concierge
Aero MexicoGoldPlatinumTitanium
AeroflotSilverGoldPlatinum 125K
Aerolineas ArgentinasGoldPlatinumDiamond
Air EuropaSilverGoldPlatinum
Air FranceSilverGoldPlatinum
CSA Czech AirlinesSilverGold Platinum
Cathay PacificSilverGoldDiamond
China AirlinesGoldEmeraldParagon
China Eastern AirlinesEastern Miles SilverEastern Miles GoldEastern Miles Platinum
China Southern AirlinesSky Pearl SilverSky Pearl GoldSky Pearl Platinum
El Al Israel AirlinesSilverGoldPlatinum / Top Platinum
Etihad AirwaysSilverGoldPlatinum
FinnairSilver GoldPlatinum / Platinum Lumo
Hawaiian AirlinesGoldPlatinum
IberiaSilverGoldPlatinum / Infinite / Infinite Plus
Japan AirlinesCrystalSapphirePremier / Diamond / Global Club
Kenya AirwaysSilverGoldPlatinum
Korean AirlinesMorning CalmMorning Calm PremiumMillion Miler Club
LATAMGoldGold PlusPlatinum / Black / Black Signature
Malaysia AirlinesSilverGoldPlatinum
QantasSilverGoldPlatinum / Platinum One
Qatar AirwaysSilverGoldPlatinum
Royal JordanianSilverGoldPlatinum
Siberia AirlinesSilverGoldPlatinum

United MileagePlus is not officially offering status matches to its top Premier 1K status tier, but some elite members who have taken part in this promotion have been automatically status matched to Premier 1K.

Once United MileagePlus has approved your status match, you’ll get to keep your elite status with United initially for 120 days. Within this window, you’ll then have to complete a status challenge to retain the corresponding status through to the end of January 2025.

The challenge requires taking a set number of ‘Premier Qualifying Flights’ and earning a set number of ‘Premier Qualifying Points’ on flights operated by United or United Express – otherwise known as PQF and PQP, respectively.

Premier levelNumber of PQFNumber of PQP
Premier Silver41,300
Premier Gold82,600
Premier Platinum124,000

If you don’t complete the challenge within the 120-day window, well, you’ll lose your MileagePlus status, and you won’t be able to apply for another United status match offer for at least five years.

As you can see, completing the status match challenge should only extend your MileagePlus elite status through January 2025, but you can actually retain your status all the way to January 2026 if you’re a little savvy about when you complete the challenge.

  • If you complete the challenge on or before June 30, 2024, then you’ll only get to keep your MileagePlus status until January 2025.
  • But if you complete the challenge on or after July 1, 2024, you get to keep your status until the end of January 2026.

There are a few important points and restrictions with this status match that you should be aware of before you send in your application.

First, if you sign up towards the end of the year, the latest date that the 120-day challenge window will run from is September 3, 2024. You can still sign up for a status match after this date (until December 20) it’s just that you’ll have less time to complete the challenge.

Second, this promotion isn’t open to anyone who has status matched with MileagePlus in the last five years.

Third, MileagePlus won’t send you any membership materials within the 12-day challenge window so you won’t be able to use your Premier status for reciprocal benefits with other Star Alliance airlines.

Fourth, in order to move up a tier, you’ll need to meet the standard Premier status PQF and PQP requirements.

Fifth, members you status match to Premier Platinum will only receive 20 PlusPoints (upgrade points) once they have completed the status match challenge.

Applying for this status match is pretty straightforward, and United has a special form with all the details. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to become a member of United MileagePlus before you can sign into the form here.

You’ll then need to submit your 2024 membership card for the elite flyer program you are matching from. Ideally, this will be in digital format, such as from within the airline’s mobile app, but United will also accept most recent mileage statement.

Once submitted, it could take between seven and ten days for United to process your application and confirm whether they are going to match your status. That, however, is the longest it might take, and some status matches come through almost instantly.

Easy as that!

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