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Ryanair Says it Doesn’t Expect Boeing 737 MAX 9 Grounding to Impact Long-Delayed Certification of Larger Model

Ryanair Says it Doesn’t Expect Boeing 737 MAX 9 Grounding to Impact Long-Delayed Certification of Larger Model

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Ryanair described the worldwide grounding of certain Boeing 737 MAX 9 jets as a ‘disappointing setback’ on Monday, but the Irish low-cost airline optimistically suggested that Boeing’s latest woes wouldn’t have any impact on other 737 lines, including the yet-to-be-certified MAX 10 jet.

Ryanair currently operates a high-capacity variant of the 737 MAX 8 known as the 8200, or what the airline likes to refer to as its ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft. Last year, Ryanair also ordered up to 300 of the larger 737-10 variant despite the fact the aircraft is yet to be certified.

An estimated certification date for the 737-10 had been pushed back to late 2024, although it’s now generally assumed that this will creep into 2025.

“We have run extra checks on our recent B737 deliveries and have noted improvements in quality with fewer delivery defects,” Ryanair noted as it shared its latest financial results. “However, Boeing have more work to do to improve quality and reduce delivery delays,” the airline continued.

Ryanair threw its weight behind Boeing’s embattled chief executive and chief financial officer, saying it fully supported the initiatives being implemented by Dave Calhoun and Brian West to improve quality.

Ryanair doesn’t operate, nor has it ordered the 737-9, but additional scrutiny by the FAA and efforts to improve production quality across the 737 MAX family could have an impact on aircraft deliveries.

Boeing’s delivery delays have already been partially attributed by Ryanair for a weaker-than-expected financial performance.

Ryanair waited years to secure its latest 737-10 order with Boeing after complaining that the aircraft manufacturer was setting its prices too high. The latest setback facing Boeing could play to Ryanair’s advantage, and the airline has already suggested it would be willing to buy 737-10 delivery slots dumped by other carriers.

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