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Southwest Airlines Unveils New Cabin Interiors But Ends Up Getting Ridiculed Over ‘Back Ache’ Inducing Seats

Southwest Airlines Unveils New Cabin Interiors But Ends Up Getting Ridiculed Over ‘Back Ache’ Inducing Seats

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Southwest Airlines proudly took to social media a few days ago to show off its new-look cabin interiors, but the Dallas-based carrier probably didn’t expect to get dragged by passengers over its choice of new lightweight slimline seats that some customers say will push them to fly with Southwest’s rivals.

One look at the new seats which were unveiled on Southwest’s official Instagram channel had passengers slating the airline over its choice.

Some of the comments included:

  • Patio chairs on a Plane
  • That cushion is thinner than a piece of cardboard
  • My back hurts just looking at these seats
  • Can all airlines please figure out the natural curve of a human’s spine
  • The amount of padding y’all took from the back of those seats
  • Seats so thin, haemorrhoids have entered the chat.

The seats are manufactured by the German-based company Recaro, and although they are both deliberately thinner and lighter than older-style aircraft seats, these new ones have multi-adjustable headrest cushions and are optimized to provide maximum seat width and overall support.

Southwest has also opted for a version of the seat with an integrated personal electronic device holder, and both USB-A and USB-C charging will be available at every seat.

The design of the new cabin interior was overseen by creative Tangerine, which is possibly best known for its work creating the original British Airways fully-flat Club World Business Class seat in the 1990s.

Tangerine once again came to prominence after it worked with Finnair to realize a revolutionary ‘no-recline’ Business Class seat that has won praise from across the industry.

It’s work with Southwest, however, was more modest, which integrates blue tones and accents, as well as the iconic Southwest love heart design into the seat covers and cabin carpet.

The new look interior will be seen on newly delivered aircraft from 2025, while existing Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 737-800 aircraft in the Southwest fleet will be outfitted with USB charging and larger overhead lockers over the coming years.

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  • On Instagram, @thetransitguy is a extremist radical who hates cars, parking lots, and wants trains everywhere. He accused Southwest Airlines of stopping high speed rail. Southwest is not that powerful! We should try to add comments to his Instagram page and watch him delete anyone who disagrees with him.

  • Who has a back shaped by those chairs? No recline? I won’t fit in the seat. My size 2. Daughter will be fine
    But if you’ve had a baby you won’t. Delta here I come! I always flew Southwest but I won’t fly what looks like 4 kids cramed in a back seat. Bye bye!

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