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Ryanair Forced to Apologise to Man it Blacklisted For Being Unruly On a Flight He Wasn’t Even On

Ryanair Forced to Apologise to Man it Blacklisted For Being Unruly On a Flight He Wasn’t Even On

Ryanair operated Boeing 737 coming into land

Ryanair has been forced to apologise to a man that the budget carrier blacklisted for being unruly despite the fact he wasn’t even on the flight that the disruptive passenger incident occurred on.

Eoin Michael Cahill sued Ryanair after the airline not only put him on a ‘no-fly’ list but then wrote to his employer to complain about his alleged behaviour on the January 2nd flight.

Cahill accused Ryanair of defaming him after he was ‘mistakenly’ identified as causing a disturbance that required the attendance of airport police.

Ryanair has now been forced to make an embarrassing apology after admitting that it “incorrectly imposed” a ban on Cahill.

The quantity surveyor was due to fly with Ryanair from Dublin to Copenhagen on January 2, but Cahill decided to stay in the Irish capital longer than originally planned and never showed up for the flight.

Despite the fact that Cahill wasn’t even on the flight, Ryanair somehow labelled him as an unruly passenger and even wrote to his employer, informing his bosses that he had been disruptive and would not be allowed to fly with Ryanair in the future.

Cahill complained to Ryanair, but when the airline failed to resolve his complaint, he took the matter to the Irish High Court. Ryanair initially pushed back, telling Cahill that he hadn’t given the airline enough time to investigate his complaint.

Despite the ‘disastrous’ consequences that Ryanair’s actions had on Cahill’s professional career, the airline also argued that his legal claim wasn’t urgent.

When Cahill’s claim reached court, however, Ryanair said it wanted to “sincerely and unreservedly” apologise for its actions. Ryanair has offered to pay Cahill €10,000 in compensation and cover his legal costs. The airline has also said it will seek to set the record straight with Cahill’s employer.

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