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Delta Air Lines is Selling Tickets For a Special Total Solar Eclipse Chasing Flight on April 8

Delta Air Lines is Selling Tickets For a Special Total Solar Eclipse Chasing Flight on April 8

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Delta Air Lines is selling tickets for a special flight that will track the path of the next total solar eclipse that is due to cross North America on April 8.

During the solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in all 48 contiguous U.S. states, but a path of totality or total solar eclipse will only be visible in a relatively thin ribbon crossing from Texas to Maine.

This is where Delta’s regularly scheduled flight from Austin to Detroit will give eager solar eclipse hunters the best chance of experiencing totality for the longest time.

Due to depart Austin Bergstrom Airport at 12:15 pm, around the same time that the solar eclipse is due to start, the flight will then follow the narrow track of the total solar eclipse before landing in Detroit at 4:20 pm.

Although this is a regularly scheduled flight, Delta has swapped out the normal Airbus A319 aircraft that usually operates this route for a A220 because of its larger windows, giving passengers a better chance of experiencing the solar eclipse.

“This flight is the result of significant collaboration and exemplifies the close teamwork Delta is known for — from selecting an aircraft with larger windows to determining the exact departure time from Austin and the experiences at the gate and in the air,” explained Eric Beck, Managing Director of Domestic Network Planning.

“Thanks to teams across the company, the idea of viewing a total eclipse from the air will become a reality for our customers,” Beck continued.

A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun, and according to Delta Lead Meteorologist Warren Weston, the April 8 total solar eclipse will be the last one over North America until 2044.

What makes the April 8 solar eclipse even more special is the fact that it will last more than twice as long as the one that occurred in 2017, and the path is nearly twice as wide.

Even if you don’t manage to snag tickets for this special flight, Delta has identified five other flights on April 8 that will offer good solar eclipse viewing opportunities.

RouteDeparture timeAircraft type
DL 5699, DTW-HPN2:59 pmERJ-175
DL 924, LAX-DFW8:40 amA320
DL 2869, LAX-SAT9:00 am A319
DL 1001, SLC-SAT10:08 amA220-300
DL 1683, SLC-AUS9:55 amA320

One word of warning, however. While Delta says it has put a lot of effort into planning the perfect solar eclipse-chasing flight, there’s still a possibility that weather or air traffic control issues might throw a spanner in the works… it’s a small risk but one that passengers should be aware of.

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