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High Flying Qatar Airways Manager Arrested in Doha By Undercover Police Who Lured Him Through Gay Dating App

High Flying Qatar Airways Manager Arrested in Doha By Undercover Police Who Lured Him Through Gay Dating App

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A high-flying Qatar Airways executive who once worked as a flight attendant for British Airways before progressing into management roles at both BA and German flag carrier Lufthansa has been arrested by Qatari police because of his sexual orientation.

Manuel Guerrero Aviña, a dual Mexican and British citizen, has been detained in a notorious Qatari jail since February 4 after he was lured into meeting an undercover police officer who had created a fake profile on the gay dating app Grindr.

Whilst held in a Qatari prison, Manuel has been “threatened, isolated, and deprived of food and sufficient water”, according to campaigners who are calling for his release. He has also been forced to sign documents written in Arabic without a translator.

On February 4, Manuel reportedly arranged to meet a guy after chatting to someone on the gay dating app Grindr, but when he got to the apartment where he was meant to meet this man, he was confronted by an undercover police officer who allegedly planted a quarter of a gram of methamphetamine on him.

He has been held ever since on charges of various charges, including felony drug possession.

Manuel is HIV positive, but he has been denied access to the antiretroviral medication that is essential to keep him healthy and prevent him from developing AIDS.

The authorities have told him that he might have to wait a month before his case can be heard, during which time he won’t receive these medications – a situation that his family have described as a virtual “death sentence”.

Manuel started his aviation career as a member of international cabin crew for British Airways based in Mexico City before progressing to a management role at the airline’s headquarters in London.

He then landed a similar role at Lufthansa before being headhunted by Doha-based Qatar Airways. The airline did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry says embassy officials in Doha are doing everything they can to secure Manuel’s rights and to get him access to vital HIV medications. In a statement, the ministry said it was hopeful that Manuel would be reunited with his family soon.

Last year, a Qatar Airways flight attendant said Qatari police falsely accused him of being a male prostitute after he was caught wearing tinted moisturiser while celebrating his birthday at a Doha hotel.

Gilbert Ignatius had worked for Qatar Airways since 2016, but the airline found out he had been arrested; officials confiscated his passport and then gave him just three days to pack up his stuff and leave the country or face being deported.

Homosexuality in Qatar is illegal, and according to the US State Department, penalties for consensual same-sex relations between men include lashing, lengthy prison sentences and deportation.

Qatar even maintains a ban on shops selling rainbow-themed merchandise because of its connection with LGBTQI+ rights.

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  • QR has the one of the top 3 Business Class hard and soft product, it’s a fact.

    The State of Qatar is playing a very ambiguous game: massively lobbying major Out Gay Av-Geeks western influencers ; while sometimes jailing or intimidating gay people there.

    It’s the same ambiguity which consists of funding Hamas and hosting its leaders on its sole ; while making itself vital for the Israeli hostages release, as well as for the US-Taliban negociations.

    A fundamentaly pernicious State with an immense Soft Power.

    As a French proud gay, I’ll definitely think twice before buying again a QR ticket.

  • Yet half the people on BoardingArea and the general travel blog world would trample each other in a mad rush to be the first to experience and feature any new thing from Qatar Airways. “Oh that is so horrible what’s happening to him, I won’t stand for it! But hang on, Q Suites is a deal on points redemption…”

  • Ah, the whining from the gay mafia when one of their own fails to respect the aspects of another culture. They would come for your head or sic the HR department on you if you even question gay “culture” here, but refuse to respect another countries’ established values. More contradictions from this addled crowd which leads the general population to distrust them even more. Their own fault.

  • Please jail the officer who was on a gay site in the first place. What a fucked up place to be. There has to be worst crime happening that needs attention there then an office getting paid to hang out and trap gay guys. Phew.

  • I call on all gay people worldwide to boycott Qatar airways .
    Best response is one that hits the bottom dollar talks millions . We all know what the state f Qatar is like . Human rights do NOT exist and they must be held accountable . To withhold a humans medication is just so wrong .lets all stand up against this archaic regime . Together we can win

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