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United Airlines Passenger Steals Overhead Locker Space as Seatmate Suffers ‘Distressing’ Medical Emergency

United Airlines Passenger Steals Overhead Locker Space as Seatmate Suffers ‘Distressing’ Medical Emergency

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A United Airlines passenger decided to ‘steal’ space in the overhead locker for his carry-on bag as flight attendants rushed to save the life of a woman who was suffering a medical emergency, a fellow passenger has revealed in a post on the social media site Reddit.

Posting on Reddit’s unofficial United Airlines page, the passenger described how flight attendants jumped into action to help the woman who suddenly collapsed during takeoff on United flight UA2649 from Washington DC to Chicago O’Hare a few days ago.

The flight attendants grabbed a First Aid as well as the onboard defibrillator from the designated space in the overhead locker as off-duty physicians voluntarily fran orward to assist.

It was at this point and with the flight attendants’ backs turned that a passenger sat in row eight noticed that there was now space in the overhead locker where the First Aid kit and defibrillator had been.

The passenger allegedly got up from his seat and placed his own carry-on bag in the area reserved for the emergency medical equipment while the crew and good samaritans helped to stabilize the woman.

Thankfully, the woman regained consciousness, and the flight continued to Chicago, although none of the other passengers let on to what the passenger in row eight had been getting up to.

When the flight did land, however, the other passengers showed they weren’t too happy about their selfish seatmate’s decision to steal the overhead locker by initially blocking his path to prevent him from collecting his bag.

Sure, it’s frustrating when there’s not enough space in the overhead lockers for all of your personal belongings, but U.S. airlines have some of the most generous carry-on policies in the world.

Unfortunately, some items are probably going to have to be placed underneath the seat in front of you. Stealing the space reserved for emergency equipment is a pretty low move.

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