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The Lufthansa Group is Facing More Strike Action With Cabin Crew at Austrian Planning a 36 Hour Strike Over the Easter Holidays

The Lufthansa Group is Facing More Strike Action With Cabin Crew at Austrian Planning a 36 Hour Strike Over the Easter Holidays

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Germany’s Lufthansa Group is facing the threat of yet more strike action by disgruntled and frustrated employees who are demanding big pay hikes to keep up with the rising cost of living across Europe.

This time, cabin crew at network carrier Austrian Airlines have called a 36-hour walkout, which is planned to take place over the busy Easter holidays from midnight on 28th March to midday on 29th March.

The Vida trade union, which represents flight attendants at the Vienna-based carrier, accused the airline of using “tricks to deprive employees of real wage increases they deserve”

“The current offer represents, if anything, a mere safeguarding of income,” slammed Daniel Liebhart, Chairman of the Aida aviation section, after negotiations fell apart last week. “One-off payments are not sustainable salary increases”.

There is, of course, still time for the strike to be averted, but Austrian Airlines is already warning of major disruption to its operation and is encouraging passengers to rebook or cancel their flights.

Pretty much everywhere you look across the Lufthansa Group, there is the threat of strike action. A three-day walkout by pilots at Lufthansa subsidiary Brussels Airlines between 27th March and 30th March was only narrowly averted on Sunday after last-ditch talks resulted in a breakthrough.

The threat of strike action, however, still hangs over Lufthansa’s namesake brand, with both ground staff and flight attendants deadlocked in separate talks with the airline.

Embattled CEO Carsten Spohr told CNN last week that he was hopeful the worst of the strike action was over because employees were aware that continued industrial action would hit customer confidence in booking tickets with the airline.

Various walkouts have so far cost the Lufthansa Group around €250 million in 2024m, and there could be more strike action on the horizon.

The Verdi United Services Union, which represents 25,000 ground staff at Lufthansa, will enter into arbitration with the airline on Monday in a final attempt to reach a wage deal. If the union rejects the arbitrator’s proposed deal, they will announce further strike action on Thursday.

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