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Canada Border Guards Arrest International Flight Attendant After They Discover She Has Multiple Passports For Different People

Canada Border Guards Arrest International Flight Attendant After They Discover She Has Multiple Passports For Different People

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An international flight attendant has reportedly been arrested by Canadian border guards after they discovered she had multiple passports for different people hidden in her bag.

The glamorous flight attendant and part-time model, who has been identified as Hina Sani, was detained by Canada Border Services Agency after she flew from Lahore to Toronto aboard Pakistan International Airlines flight PK789 last week.

Local Pakistani media report that this isn’t the first time that Sani has been found with contraband on her by Canadian authorities which might explain why she once again pulled for an additional inspection on her arrival in Toronto.

Why Sani had the potentially fake passports in her possession remains a mystery but the discovery comes amidst a disappearing flight attendant scandal for PIA, with multiple crew members vanishing into the ether during layovers in Toronto.

PIA has struggled with flight attendants failing to turn up for their return home from Toronto after claiming asylum in Canada, but in recent months, the number of cases has risen sharply.

The airline has attempted to clamp down on the problem by seizing the passports of flight attendants during their stay in Toronto. Officials have also blacklisted certain crew members from operating flights to Canada – presumably because they are deemed at higher risk of slipping away.

On Sani’s flight, however, it’s been revealed that seven of the operating crew were designated as ‘no flyers’ to Toronto, but they had been allowed to work on the flight after receiving special permission from an airline executive.

Since October 2022, PIA says that at least eight flight attendants have gone missing during their layover in Toronto. Canadian authorities refuse to comment on what happens to these crew members, but PIA believes they are being granted asylum, which is encouraging their colleagues to follow them.

Although PIA’s disappearing flight attendants seem to make the headlines on a regular basis, the airline says it’s not uncommon for crew members from South Asia and other developing countries to seek a better life in a layover country.

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