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Major International Airlines Cancel Flights to Mogadishu After US Embassy Issues Urgent Terror Alert For Main Airport

Major International Airlines Cancel Flights to Mogadishu After US Embassy Issues Urgent Terror Alert For Main Airport

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A number of major international airlines have moved quickly to cancel flights to Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu after the US Embassy in Nairobi issued an urgent terror alert for multiple locations across the Somali capital, including its main international airport.

In an alert posted to the embassy’s website on Monday, the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi said that it had “received information about threats to multiple locations”, and, as a result “, all movements of U.S. Embassy personnel have been cancelled for Tuesday”.

Last July, the U.S. Department of State issued a level-four travel advisory for travel which is its most severe warning which implores U.S. citizens not to travel to Somalia under any circumstances.

“Terrorists continue to plot kidnappings, bombings, and other attacks in Somalia,” Monday’s warning read.

“They may conduct attacks with little or no warning, targeting airports and seaports, checkpoints, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, and other areas where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent, as well as government, military, and Western convoys.”

“Methods of attack include, but are not limited to, car bombs, suicide bombers, individual attackers, and mortar fire.”

On Tuesday, some of the major international airlines to have taken heed of the warning include Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and flydubai, who have all cancelled scheduled flights to Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The U.S. Embassy did not mention where the threat has emerged from, but the Al Shabaab terror organization continues to plan high-profile attacks against the Somali government.

Last month, Al Shabaab fighters attacked a hotel in Mogadishu where a number of lawmakers were attending an event. Government forces managed to end the siege after 12 hours, resulting in three soldiers being killed and 27 injured.

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  • The threat is focused on Somalia and Kenya, but much of East Africa is currently in scope for those upset at the US and also the role of some of the Gulfies in playing along nicely with Netanyahu & gang at this time in particular.

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