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Delta Air Frequent Flyer Provokes Furious Response From Flight Attendants After She Reported Crew Members to Get Free Points Off Airline

Delta Air Frequent Flyer Provokes Furious Response From Flight Attendants After She Reported Crew Members to Get Free Points Off Airline

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A Delta Air Lines frequent flyer who has Diamond Medallion top-tier status with the Atlanta-based airline has provoked a furious backlash from flight attendants after she boasted about reporting several Delta crew members for using their personal mobile phones onboard.

Dr Angela Peery has shot to worldwide notoriety after she published a post on a Facebook group dedicated to Delta’s most frequent flyers. The educational consultant boasted about ‘winning’ frequent flyer miles from the airline after she reported a Delta flight attendant for using a mobile phone.

“Wrote my complaint about Joshua, the FA who hid in the galley and was overall s***** SDF-ATL [Louisville-Atlanta] Wed. Got a personal call from a Delta customer service agent and 8,500 Skypesos! Winning!” Dr Peery wrote in the now infamous post.

This wasn’t, however, the only post Dr. Peery has shared about Delta’s flight attendants, and it turns out she has been known to frequently write to Delta with various complaints.

In a second post, Dr Peery wrote: “This will be the third photo I’ve sent Delta in two weeks. Three out of four flights, FAs [flight attendants] on their devices. This one is clever – hiding it behind the Delta device while headed toward take-off.”

Dr Peery’s eagerness to report flight attendants, however, eventually caught the attention of crew members from various airlines, who started to post about her on their own Facebook groups.

Her complaints quickly went viral, and flight attendants started to take it upon themselves to retaliate. Dr Peery, an author, suddenly found that her various books were being inundated with one-star reviews. She threatened legal action against a high-profile Facebook page dedicated to flight attendants called A Flys Guys Cabin Crew Lounge.

Despite the ferocious backlash, Dr Peery has shown no sign of backing down and posted an update on the same Facebook group that landed her in this mess in the first place.

“It is against Delta policy for any employee to have their personal phone in view while working… So, for those who said I should mind my own business or stop being a Karen, be aware – this is a safety violation and a fireable offence. Kind of a big deal.”

“You should not see an FA using a personal device ever unless on crew rest,” Dr Perry continued.

While it is true that Delta crew members aren’t permitted to use their personal mobile phones onboard, many commentators have pointed out that there may be many reasons why a flight attendant might be on their phone, including for family emergencies.

Delta Air Lines declined to comment.

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  • Peery is an Ed.D (doctorate of education) from South Carolina. She is not a cardiologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedic surgeon, or any kind of physician.

    • Also, just because she can read, write papers and pass tests, does not make her intelligent or a nice person. With her “qualifications” if she were she were kind or intelligent, I would think she would out her “education” to better use. Wonder if she goes over the speed limit. Speed limits are for safety. Safety seems to be her concern. So, surely she would never do that.

    • “Dr. Peery … an author …” says the article. I’m not sure where it says she’s an MD or anything? What is your point anyway? Are you saying you don’t have adequate observational skills to see and report someone for engaging in unsafe and unauthorized activity that could prove harmful to hundreds of passengers if the flight attendant is distracted during an emergency?

  • She has evoked a biblical reaction from flight attendants all over the world. Costing someone their livelihood for what she termed “Sky peso’s “ (Minimizing the value) should be brought to light.

    • Ha! Agreed. She has nothing better to do with her time than to try to get people fired so her cheap a** can get a few bucks? Petty, wretched and really bad karma. Hope she has the life she deserves.

  • I would think that she would be on Delta’s “frequent whiner” list by now and realize that there is no remedy for someone like that.

  • Hey Dr!
    Maybe one day you won’t be so perfect with obeying Traffic Laws or maybe you will look down and see that your driving 60 in a 55 and be okay with what your doing and think about how nice it is that somebody isn’t quiet the A****le you are!

  • To those saying she’s over reacting or just being a Karen, 99% of the time I would agree.

    However, in this case I have to say she is correct. The regulations are in place for a reason. Many people assume flight attendants are glorified waitstaff in the sky. What many fail to realize is they are an important part of the aircrew, trained in aviation safety procedures.

    Listening to the boring, repetitive pre-flight safety briefing they give is part of a passenger’s job, and it could save your life.

    Not being on the phone while on board is part of the flight attendant’s job, and it too could save your life.

    Calling out unprofessional behavior that can cost lives, that’s not Karen-esque, it’s smart. As a passenger, there’s not much more you can do to increase your chances of survival in an aviation emergency.

    By the way, to the person who said she should mind her own business because the flight attendant might have a family emergency: no! The flight attendant is essential to passenger safety, they aren’t really there for your stale bag of pretzels. The flight attendants, just like the pilots, know what they are signing up for. They can’t do their job and solve a family crisis at the same time. It sucks, but it’s reality.

    To the flight attendants who are upset with this lady for reporting you, have some introspection, she may be saving lives, possibly even yours. Furthermore, if you just did your job (to include staying off personal electronic devices if it’s part of your job) there would be nothing to report.

    Fly safely.

    • However…flight attendants are issued company phones which have specific apps/programs to help them manage customer needs and communicate with other crew during flight. The company can also issue schedule changes while working, among a host of other communication needs. It’s not usually FA’s just doing what they want. I am a Captain of 31 years at a legacy airline.

    • Not every moment on a flight is a life or death safety situation, for goodness sake. Sometimes flight attendants have downtime. And sometimes it’s a bumpy flight and we are instructed to sit in our jump seats with seat belts fastened. Yeah, I guess we could stare into space for 20, 30, 40 minutes….or we could peek at our phones to see what’s happening with loved ones since we’ve been away from home for days…

  • I’ve flown domestic and international for over 65 years and have experienced stopped-up toilets, unruly and drunk passengers and an emergency landing. Throughout hundreds of flights I have found FA’s to calmly handle uncomfortable, even dangerous situations and to graciously and professionally perform their jobs. It amazes me to hear of an educated person purposely using her flight time to find some wrongdoing with the crew.. What a petty waste of time!

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