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Delta Air Lines Puts Staff at the Very Heart of its Strategy

Delta Air Lines Puts Staff at the Very Heart of its Strategy

Delta Puts Staff at the Very Heart of its Strategy

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines is well known for its generous employee perks – a sure sign of just how important staff are seen as a factor in the success of the carrier.  And how generous is Delta?  Well, as part of its annual profits sharing scheme, this year the carrier shared $1.1 billion USD amongst its 80,000 staff worldwide.

That marks the third year in a row that Delta has shared out over $1 billion USD to staff and its the second largest hand-out in the company’s history.

In a statement, Ed Bastion, the CEO of Delta Airlines said: “No other company and certainly no other airline has ever shared $1 billion in profits with its employees.”  He continued: “We are so proud and excited to celebrate on Feb. 14 with all Delta people worldwide, who serve our customers and run the most reliable airline operation in the world.”

And there’s a really good reason that Delta offer these kind of perks.  Its workforce are at the very centre of its business strategy.  Or to put it another way: “Our people are at the center of everything we do at Delta, and we do our best to build an environment that rewards their efforts, gives them a platform to succeed, and offers many ways to feel ‘Delta proud,” said Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Joanne Smith.

Perhaps that’s the reason why Delta is the only airline to be named one of the Fortune Best 100 Companies to Work For 2017.  Based on employee ratings of their workplace culture, Delta was ranked  number 63 in the annual global chart of companies that employees yearn to work for.  The carrier won plaudits for “the company’s caring “family spirit.”” and “generous flight privileges.”

Speaking about this latest accolade, Smith added: “Being named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For is the pinnacle of all the workplace awards we’ve recently won,”

Those other awards include:

  • Fortune’s Most Admired Airline 2017 and 31st Most Admired Company,
  • Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality – having achieved a perfect 100% score in the 2017 Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation,
  • Scored twice in the Great Place to Work awards 2016 –  Won 2nd place in the 50 Best Companies for Diversity and ranked number 5 in the 10 Best Companies for African-Americans.

But its not just employee perks that make for a rewarding and happy workplace.  Delta emphasise that “fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion,” is at the core of their people strategy.  Ryan DiGiovanni-Hersh, a Delta Air Lines Analyst spoke about his relationship with co-workers: “They [Delta people] respect opinions of others and show it through their actions, not just words,”

As vice president of the airlines in-house disability network, Ryan provides training to staff throughout the organisation: “Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to present to over 200 In-Flight Service instructors and leaders about improving accessibility for customers,”

“Every day, we focus in on the Delta Difference. We go above and beyond for our customers.”

Maybe its the ‘Delta Difference’ that the airline is hoping will deliver it profits of $6 billion USD for the third straight year in a row.  In 2018, Bastion is looking for profits to go even higher – and that will mean an even bigger profit share for Delta employees next year.



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