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Norwegian Air Shuttle Cabin Crew Recruitment – Step by Step Process 2020

Norwegian Air Shuttle Cabin Crew Recruitment – Step by Step Process 2020

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Norwegian has currently suspended all cabin crew recruitment activity. Use the guide below to learn more about the process and prepare yourself for when recruitment does resume.
We’ll regularly review career opportunities and update this post as soon as we learn more (Last updated: May 29)

After a huge recruitment drive in 2018 and some of 2019, Norwegian has since hit the brakes on hiring new cabin crew. Some crew bases have either been closed or significantly reduced in number, while Norwegian has completely removed itself from the domestic Argentinian market.

As a result, the airline isn’t currently hiring new cabin crew, although that situation might change at some point in 2020. We’ll update this article as soon Norwegian starts accepting new applications.

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Photo Credit: Norwegian

When Norwegian does start hiring again, you’ll need to choose whether you want to work just on short-haul flights within Europe or on the airline’s long-haul network – based on availability and your country of application.

The following step by step guide will help you through the process and give you an indication of what to expect.

Step 1. Submit Online Application

Norwegian will only accept applications via its dedicated careers website.  Applications are managed by OSM Aviation – a third party company which is part-owned by Norwegian.  The initial application process is branded as Norwegian but once you have been shortlisted, further communication is sent by OSM.

The destinations and working conditions differ based on which fleet you choose – short haul or long haul.  We have a guide to Norwegian’s pay and conditions that can be found here.

What You Need

To submit an online application you only need your updated resume/CV.  You should have this saved in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

You won’t need photographs, a cover letter or references.

A good CV is vitally important at this stage of the recruitment process.  When you click submit, your CV will be scanned by a computer that decides if you match the requirements of the role.  Follow this guide to write a winning CV: The Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Cabin Crew CV

Norwegian to Delay Aircraft Deliveries, Raise $350 Million in Additional Capital to Stay Afloat
Photo Credit: Norwegian

Step 2 – Online Assessments

Your application and CV will be automatically screened by a computer system. If you’re successful and meet the basic requirements, you’ll be invited to take part in a series of online assessments  This is a very quick process and you’ll normally be notified the same day as you submitted your resume.

To complete the assessments, choose a time that is convenient for you when you are well-rested and have at least 30-60 minutes spare.  Make sure you have a quiet place to work without any distractions or other commitments.

The online assessment comprises of several elements:

  1. Behavioural Personality Test
  2. Numeracy Test
  3. Verbal Reasoning Test

You’ll receive full instructions about how the exercise works and get an opportunity to complete practice questions.  It’s a good idea to have a pen, paper and calculator to hand for this stage.

Telephone Interview

In some cases, you may receive a telephone call confirming you have successfully passed the online assessment stage.  However, the recruiter will have a series of behavioural and competency-based questions for you.

As the call could come at any time, it is a good idea to have already prepared some basic cabin crew interview answers (such as a time you’ve provided excellent customer service, a time you’ve worked as a team, etc).

Step 3 – Assessment Day

It can take quite some time before you receive the outcome of your online assessment – in some cases, this can be 2-3 months.  At this point, you’ll be invited to attend an Assessment Day.  You must attend the Assessment Day at the location you have been invited to.  There will be several dates to choose from but space is limited – therefore, ensure you confirm attendance with your preferred date at the earliest opportunity.

What Happens

Assessment Day’s are a popular recruitment method, used to screen a large number of candidates at once.  The day will be made up of a number of elements used to test your suitability for the role of Cabin Crew.  The Norwegian Assessment Day is quite unique in that you get to take part in every element of the day without the risk of being ‘cut’.

The day starts off with listening to a presentation about Norwegian and the role of OSM.  You’ll also receive detailed information about the contract and working conditions.

From there you’ll be split into groups to take part in a group exercise.  The Norwegian group exercise can seem quite daunting and is a lot more in-depth than many other airlines – But don’t let this put you off.  The basics of what the recruiters are looking for remains the same.

During the day you’ll also try on the uniform and have an opportunity to speak with serving cabin crew about what life is like working for Norwegian.

To find out more about Assessment Days I would invite you to read this in-depth article.  We’ve included lots of details about what to expect, the different elements involved and what the recruiters are looking for: How to Ace the Cabin Crew Assessment Day 2017 – Tips and Advice.

Norwegian is Recruiting Pilots in Dublin - Cabin Crew Recruitment to Follow Soon
Photo Credit: Norwegian

Step 4 –  Final Interview

The Final Interview will normally last between 25-40 minutes and takes place on the same date as the Assessment Day.  Everyone gets the opportunity to have an interview during a Norwegian Assessment Day so use this opportunity to make a really great impression with the recruiters.

Competency-Based Interview

The interview will be made up of competency and behavioural based questions.  You’ll need to have examples from your previous work experience that prove you possess the skills, qualities and competencies that the Norwegian and OSM recruiters are looking for.

It can take some time to gather the evidence and become comfortable with your answers.  You should, therefore, prepare for the Final Interview at the earliest opportunity.  Our best interview technique is the SOAR method – We’ve included lots of details here to help you best prepare: SOAR to Success at Your Cabin Crew Final Interview

Step 5 – Security Vetting

After the Final Interview, your entire file will be reviewed by the recruitment team.  You’ll be informed of the result within one week – although, you’ll normally find out much sooner than this.

Norwegian will require you to go through two vetting processes – one is for the aviation authorities in Norway and the other is for the country in which you’ll be based.  A private security vetting firm will normally be used to carry out a comprehensive background check on you.  This will include your work history, references, financial history and any extended gaps (such as if you’ve been travelling).

This stage can take some time depending on your personal circumstances.

Stage 6 – Medicals and Final Approval

Submit Medical Report

In accordance with international aviation law, new Cabin Crew have to undergo an initial medical examination.  You’ll have to see a registered medical doctor or Occupational Health professional to obtain the correct medical report.

Norwegian conducts these medical assessments in-house and the cost will be covered by the airline.  You just simply need to book a date with the recruitment team.

Don’t be too concerned about the medical requirements – it’s just the same standard used to test fitness to drive.  However, if you suffer from seizures, colour blindness, chronic illnesses, lung disease or serious disability you should contact your recruiter for further guidance.

Start Onboarding Process

If your medical results are satisfactory you’ll receive final confirmation from the OSM recruitment team.  You’ll be given details about your training course which normally takes four weeks and a final joining date.

Any Questions?

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  • I have applied for Norwegian and was placed in the ” hiring pool” for a future training date. Is that a bad thing?

    • No! Definitely not. As you are no doubt aware, Norwegian has been on a record hiring spree this year – as a result, they’ve been struggling to get training courses for everyone straight away. I’m sure you’ll receive some good news really soon. Many congratulations and well done!!!

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