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We Love This New Running App from Air France – Win Flights and Race Entry

We Love This New Running App from Air France – Win Flights and Race Entry

We Love This New Running App from Air France - Win Flights and Race Entry

A long-haul flight can have a big impact on your body, so getting in a good run or gym session on arrival is a good way to get over some of the nasty after effects of crossing multiple time zones while cramped into the confines of a plane.  But as any seasoned road warrior or international flight attendant knows only too well, the quality of hotel gyms can be very variable.

With many featuring just a few dilapidated treadmills, it’s often a far better idea to hit the streets – with the added bonus of taking in the sights of your new destination at the same time.  In fact, many hotels even offer local running routes and some even have clubs to cater for the ever-increasing number of runners out there.

And that’s why we love this new idea from Air France who has just launched the Air France Running website.  The idea is that runners can sync their runs using some of the most popular exercise tracking apps with the website.  Taking part in different challenges will give runners the chance to win entry into some of the most prestigious races around the world.

The website works with a number of apps, including Strava, Runkeeper and Nike+.  Simply sign up on Air France Running and take part in the challenges for a chance to win both flights and entry to races in destinations that include New York, Toronto and of course Paris.

The next race that runners can win entry to is the Paris 10k which takes place on 10th June.  Members of Air France’s frequent flyer programme, Flying Blue will benefit from additional chances to win.

Clearly, running doesn’t really have much to do with an airline but this is great marketing idea which is a far cry from the usual decadence that premium airlines promote.

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