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VIDEO: flydubai Launches New Safety Video for Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft

VIDEO: flydubai Launches New Safety Video for Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft

flydubai has launched an updated version of its animated safety video, featuring Maya the cabin crew and four Emirati grandmothers.  Since the original safety video first aired, flydubai has launched its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft with new business class seats and an improved economy cabin.

The updated video, while also taking advantage of improved graphics and animation, is also tailored to the specifics of the MAX 8 aircraft.

“The original film was truly innovative, using the animated FREEJ cartoon characters to convey important safety information,” explained Ghaith Al Ghaith, flydubai’s chief executive.

“In the past year we have unveiled our new crew uniform and welcomed the Boeing 737 MAX 8 to our fleet with its enhanced Business Class and Economy Class cabins. Our updated safety video reflects these developments while staying true to the original concept and reflecting the flydubai brand and personality.”

Ghaith continued: “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with FREEJ, another young brand which proudly promotes Dubai and the UAE’s heritage.”

The English language version starts at 3:53 minutes

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