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A Drunken Ryanair Passenger Bites Off Man’s Ear On Flight to Mallorca

A Drunken Ryanair Passenger Bites Off Man’s Ear On Flight to Mallorca

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A 29-year-old Brit has been arrested by police on the Spanish island of Mallorca, popular with sun-seeking holidaymakers, after allegedly biting the ear off another man who he was travelling with. First reported by Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper (Spanish owner), the man was swiftly taken into police custody after the flight had landed at Palma de Mallorca airport from Birmingham on Thursday evening.

According to the Spanish Guardia Civil, officers were called to meet Ryanair flight FR2162 after the crew had radioed ahead to report a disruptive passenger who was drunk and causing a nuisance during the roughly two-hour flight from England’s second city.

Cabin crew had refused to serve the man any more alcohol because he was so intoxicated leading to the man trying to break into one of the trolley’s that contained alcohol. When that failed, the man allegedly swiped another passenger’s alcoholic beverage and downed that instead.

Police met the flight on arrival to investigate reports that the man had been ignoring lawful crew member instructions but as they were gathering information from the purser on the aircraft steps they noticed a fight had broken out in the cabin.

It then became apparent that one of the passengers had had part of his right ear bitten off – allegedly by the drunken Brit who was already investigation. The victim, it turns out, was travelling with the suspect and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Ryanair has declined to comment on the nature of the alleged grisly assault, simply saying in a statement: “The crew of this flight from Birmingham to Palma on September 18 requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive in-flight.”

“The aircraft landed normally and police removed the individual. This is now a matter for local police”.

In August, a video of drunk Brits behaving badly on a KLM flight to Ibiza went viral after a fight started because the men refused to wear face masks. After being restrained by cabin crew and with the help of passengers, the men were dragged off the aircraft by Spanish police.

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