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Thai Airways Offering Grounded Members of the Public the Chance to be Flight Attendants for the Day

Thai Airways Offering Grounded Members of the Public the Chance to be Flight Attendants for the Day

A couple of weeks ago Thai Airways opened an aeroplane-themed restaurant at its headquarters in Bangkok. With Thailand remaining shut to most international visitors and overseas travel heavily restricted, the restaurant has proved to be a huge success with eager customers keen to experience just a little slice of the airplane experience that, until COVID-19 decimated the aviation industry, we had taken for granted.

The restaurant was a clever way for the bankrupt and largely grounded airline to earn just a little money and now Thai Airways has found another way to generate some much-needed revenue. For 2,800 Baht or around US$91, members of the public can become a flight attendant for a day at Thai’s flight training school in Bangkok.

During the four hour experience, paid-up guests can put on the iconic Thai Airways flight attendant uniform, get their hair done in one of Thai’s approved styles and undergo a crash-course in onboard service.

Participants will put their newly acquired skills to test in an Airbus A380 cabin mockup at Thai’s flight training academy, serving and then trying some of the in-flight food that’s normally served to Business Class passengers. A friend can also accompany the flight attendant ‘trainee’ to act as mock passengers during the experience.

But that’s not the only course on offer. For 19,900 Bhat ($630), you can take on a four-day flight simulator experience under the supervision of a Thai Airways pilot. The simulator experience is on one of the state-of-the-art simulators that actual pilots use to retain their currency.

Along with the Airbus A380, other simulators on offer include the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A340-600.

If you want to take your flight attendant skills to the next level, however, Thai is also offering a day and a half course on safety and emergency procedures, including evacuation techniques and fire fighting. That course is priced at a reasonable 5,500 baht ($174), while a day-long Thai cooking lesson will set you back the same amount.

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