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British Airways Cabin Crew “Beaten to Death” by Baggage Handler Lover Court Told

British Airways Cabin Crew “Beaten to Death” by Baggage Handler Lover Court Told

An airport baggage handler stands accused of beating to death a member of British Airways cabin crew after a “passionate and turbulent” affair a court has been told. Nelly Myers, 58, a member of BA’s cabin crew team at Gatwick Airport was killed just before Christmas last year and was found with “substantial injuries” after a “deliberate” and “sustained” assault.

Jayesh Gobar, 24 years younger than the victim, stands accused of beating his lover to death after a violent argument broke out at her home in West Sussex. An autopsy revealed Mrs Myers had sustained multiple rib fractures, a fractured eye socket, contusions to her head, as well as bruising to her wrists and arms.

Mrs Myers was said to be “besotted” and deeply in love with Gobar despite a turbulent and sometimes violent relationship. Gobar, on the other hand, was said to be only interested in the divorced mother of two’s money in order to fund a serious drug habit.

Around a year and a half before Mrs Myers was allegedly murdered, Gobar was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend when he “wrapped his hands around her throat” and threatened to kill her. Gobar was sentenced to three years in prison but was released early in May 2019 on condition he didn’t see Mrs Myers.

The couple rekindled their relationship, however, after Mrs Myers sent Gobar a friend request on Facebook.

“She craved his company,” the prosecution told Hove Crown Court. “He on the other hand was interested only in her money. She was always giving him cash and he was using that cash for drugs.”

On December 18, 2019, the couple spent the night together but the next morning the court heard how an argument broke out between them. Gobar has been accused of beating Mrs Myers during a sustained attack.

“He murdered her in a fit of rage in order to steal money from her,” prosecuting lawyer Richard Hearnden alleged. Police officers found her lying on the floor in the hallway of her ransacked home with a vodka bottle nearby.

Originally from Peru, Mrs Myers was a veteran flight attendant who married a British Airways pilot before their divorce in 2014.

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