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jetBlue Flight Attendant Causes Controversy in Jamaica Over COVID-19 Test Kidnapping Claims

jetBlue Flight Attendant Causes Controversy in Jamaica Over COVID-19 Test Kidnapping Claims

A jetBlue flight attendant who allegedly claimed she had been abducted while on holiday in Jamaica has returned to the United States after spending 14-days in quarantine in a resort hotel on the island. Local media reported that Kalina Collier took to social media to say she was being held against her will and feared being trafficked during her forced isolation but local officials have denied she was ever in danger.

The saga allegedly started after Kalina arrived in Jamaica on January 28 for a short weekend away. But when she took a COVID-19 rapid antigen test a couple of days before her return flight in order to comply with CDC requirements for international, the test returned a positive result.

Kalina took a second antigen test which returned a negative result and which in turn prompted Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Wellness to order a more sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This also came back positive leading to Kalina being made to go into mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Rather than sending her to a government-run quarantine camp, Kalina’s hotel apparently allowed her to stay in the hotel for the duration of the isolation period but the New York-based flight attendant wanted out as soon as possible.

According to local media reports, Kalina took to Instagram alleging that she was being held against her will, had been kidnapped and feared being trafficked by criminals. Her allegations attracted attention at home and a full police enquiry into Kalina’s welfare.

“The police are advising members of the public to dismiss as rumour, information that has been circulated via social and other media that American national Kalina Collier was kidnapped in Jamaica,” a statement from the Jamaica Constabulary Force explained.

“The police assert the information is baseless and mischievous,” the statement continued.

A post on Kalina’s Instagram also tried to clear up any confusion, saying both she and her mother who had come to visit her in Jamaica were safe and well.

A statement from the police continued: “On arrival in Jamaica, Collier who was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus was placed in isolation. This is in keeping with Jamaica’s COVID-19 prevention protocols as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness… She was visited by the local police on Saturday, February 13 and she is not, nor was she at any time, in any danger.”

On Sunday, Collier was allowed to leave Jamaica but perhaps not the controversy surrounding her stay on the island.

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  • Something has to be done about these baseless lies that could harm a country or people who have reputations and harm there merit these actions need to be punishable by the highest standards. So many cases we see of spoiled woman doing this and getting away with it .

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