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Virgin Atlantic Launches ASMR Video to Get You in the Mood for Your First Post-Pandemic Flight

Virgin Atlantic Launches ASMR Video to Get You in the Mood for Your First Post-Pandemic Flight

With many people still unable to fly, Virgin Atlantic has branched out into ASMR with a video that will make you tingle with the sounds of call bells, champagne corks popping, overhead lockers shutting and other common sounds from the in-flight experience that you might have missed from a year absent of flying.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR as its most commonly known is a phenomenon where people feel deeply relaxed and experience a tingling sensation in their scalp from sound triggers like whispering or isolated sounds that have been amplified.

Scientists first coined the phrase in 2010 and in the last couple of years, the number of ASMR videos on YouTube has exploded – even though no one really knows the percentage of the population that are actually affected by ASMR triggers and those who aren’t unsure as to whether its just a joke.

“The concept of ASMR and giving people that magical tingly feeling, is the perfect tool to remind our customers of the travel experience that awaits them when they come back to the skies with us,” commented Corneel Koster, Virgin Atlantic’s Chief Customer and Operating Officer.

“Whether it’s the ubiquitous clicking shut of the overhead locker, or the familiar routine of the safety demonstration, it’s the sensory memory of these moments that our customers long for, heading off on their well deserved holidays, starting a fabulous adventure.”

According to a survey conducted by the airline, 82 per cent of 1,000 Brits missed the sound of the pilot speaking over the PA, while 78 per cent yearned to hear the sound of a tinkling drinks trolley being pushed down the aisle.

Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters of those polled said they missed the inflight dining experience and over half even said they had missed trudging through an airport terminal to get to their plane.

If you are affected by ASMR, Dr Giulia Poerio, Psychology Lecturer at the University of Essex says the experience should significantly reduce your heart rate and could reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

The three-minute video above might be just enough to help you relax but if you need a longer stress-busting dose of ASMR then Virgin Atlantic has released an epic one hour extended version on its official YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

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