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Flight Attendant ‘Harassed’ Passenger Because She Disposed of a Diaper in Aircraft Lavatory

Flight Attendant ‘Harassed’ Passenger Because She Disposed of a Diaper in Aircraft Lavatory

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A United Airlines customer claims a flight attendant accessed her personal phone number to repeatedly call and harass her because she disposed of a used diaper in the waste bin of a lavatory onboard a United Express marketed flight from Montana on Friday.

Farah Naz Khan took to social media shortly after the “horrific” incident onboard a Mesa Air flight which operates United Express flights to complain about the flight attendant who allegedly claimed that Farah and her family had been placed on a ‘no-fly’ list because she caused a “biohazard incident”.

The Seattle-based United flyer who is a physician and self-proclaimed “Bollywood aficionado” says she is even considering filing a police report against the flight attendant and has been in touch with United Airlines over the incident.

“Anybody with connections at United Airlines? Had a horrific experience today with a flight attendant and then got a harassing phone call from the very same flight attendant,” Farah said in a Facebook post shortly after the incident on Friday.

During the four hour flight, Farah says she had to change her baby’s diaper but was “berated” by one of the flight attendants for throwing the used diaper in the trash in the lavatory at the back of the plane.

“He said it was a “biohazard” and that I should retrieve it if I can. So there I am, fishing her poop diaper out of the back bathroom,” Farah wrote. “I asked the other flight attendant in the back if he could give me an extra garbage bag to put this in so I could keep it with me to throw away after the flight.”

“This flight attendant told me that throwing the diaper away in the bathroom is what we’re supposed to do, so when I confronted the initial flight attendant about this, he yelled at me again and said he didn’t want to deal with me.”

She then claims the flight attendant somehow managed to access her personal cell phone number and repeatedly called her.

“Fast forward 3 hours, and he’s calling me on my cell from a United Airlines 1-800 number and saying I’ve been placed on the no-fly list because of a biohazard incident.”

“And he cursed out me and my family. And said “YOU people bring your families everywhere. You should stop flying and just drive. I can hear your obnoxious baby in the background right now..”

Farah fears the “white male” flight attendant treated her differently because of her heritage.

The flight was operated by Mesa Airlines, a carrier that operates flights on behalf of United Airlines through its United Express brand. In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for Mesa told us: “The details as described by our customer do not meet the high standards that Mesa sets for our flight attendants and we are reviewing the matter.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for United said the airline had “reached out to our customer and our regional partner Mesa Airlines, who operated this flight, to get a better understanding of what occurred.”

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  • When I traveled with my little ones, if I needed to dispose of a poop diaper, I always asked an attendant for a small trash bag or would bring a Ziploc and then place it in the trash can to help contain the smell as a courtesy to other passengers. I would also take my kids out to the car to change their poop diaper if we were at a restaurant.

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