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Brawl Breaks Out On Frontier Airlines Plane in Miami Because Someone Took Too Long to Remove Their Luggage

Brawl Breaks Out On Frontier Airlines Plane in Miami Because Someone Took Too Long to Remove Their Luggage

A brawl broke out on a Frontier Airlines plane at Miami International Airport on Sunday night because a passenger allegedly took too long to remove his luggage from the overhead bin while passengers behind him waited to deplane.

Frontier Airlines flight 2293 had arrived in Miami from Philadelphia at around 9 pm on Sunday when the fight erupted between two male passengers seemingly because one was too impatient to get off the plane.

Kiera Pierre Louis, who calls herself Milli Miami on Instagram, recorded the brawl and uploaded a video of the chaotic scenes to the social media platform shortly afterwards. She claims the impatient white passenger called the black aisle blocking passenger the n-word before punching him in the face.

 “You can see the white man on top of the Black passenger just beating him between the seats. The flight attendant got involved. The white man’s wife got involved. His son, I believe, and his son’s girlfriend — everyone was just involved,” Louis told local news station Local 10.

Flight attendants joined the melee in an attempt to separate the two men while other passengers also got involved and eventually broke up the fight.

Frontier Airlines says flight attendants ordered both men to remain on the aircraft but the white man walked off. Police were called and Miami-Dade Police attended the scene. Although the victim filed a report he chose not to press charges according to a police spokesperson.

In a statement, Frontier Airlines said a “physical altercation broke out among passengers who were towards the back of the aircraft. The flight crew requested law enforcement assistance.”

“All passengers involved were asked to remain on the aircraft however some disregarded the flight crew’s instructions. Ultimately, local law enforcement became involved.”

On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said unruly passenger incidents had increased by 500 per cent compared to 2019 when passenger numbers were similar but still higher than current levels.

Video credit: Instagram / @milli_miami

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